• Offers both CSGO and VGO cases
  • Daily bonuses available
  • Fast deposits & withdrawals
  • Regular giveaways on Twitter and Facebook
  • Positive reviews on the Internet
  • Crypto and CSGO skin withdraws supported
  • Free and fast sign in
  • No live chat support
  • No DaddySkins app

What CSGO gamer has never wanted to open a case with all the highest-valued skins? Thankfully, the abundance of CSGO case opening sites has made this dream come true! But how to use them? Don’t worry! In this article, you can find everything you need to know about the DaddySkins betting site. 

In A Nutshell 

DaddySkins was first introduced as a CSGO case opening website. According to most of the DaddySkins reviews, for three years it has managed to become one of the most popular websites for skin betting on the Web. It has attracted our attention when it was included in the list of best CSGo betting websites and has not lost its relevance. So are things truly going that well? Let’s see!

About is a case opening platform that appeared in 2017. The website was among the first ones to introduce a provably fair system. For a better understanding, in online gambling provably fair describes an algorithm that can be analyzed and verified for fairness on the part of the service operator.

In 2019, DaddySkins is a certified platform with a license from Curacao. It took a long time for them to have passed all compliance and become legally authorized to conduct gaming operations for all games of chance and wagering. DaddySkins has everything that you’re looking for when joining platforms like this. Fairness, user-friendly interface, special features, convenient payment methods, and security are the site’s most accurate characteristics.

Bonuses, Referral Codes, And Promotions

DaddySkins offers several generous bonuses and promotions. 

The algorithm to get a deposit bonus from DaddySkins is simple:

  1. Go to using our provided link.
  2. Sign-into DaddySkins.
  3. Click on the Deposit icon and find DaddySkins Promo Code.
  4. Enter DaddySkins code “Lords”.

Special Features

In addition to a traditional case opening, there are many other options on how you can get skins on Let’s enlist and briefly characterize all of them. 

Case Opening

The classic case opening familiar to every fan of video games. CSGO cases are the most popular on the site. All cases’ prices vary from $0.29 to $200. Apart from CSGO cases, on the DaddySkins good website, you can also find VGO cases, LOL cases, and Game cases.


To take part in the Arena case opening, you should be prepared to face rivalry. First, you enter a virtual room with 2,3, or 4 gamers. Each case is opened simultaneously by players. The player who gets the highest total drop of cases opened wins all the skins. 


Upgrade gives users an opportunity to upgrade lower value skins to more precious. You bet a skin and choose which one you want to get instead. The higher the difference in the value of both skins is, the higher are your chances to win. 


Contracts let DaddySkins legal platform users exchange two or more skins of low value for one more expensive. The skin you receive instead is randomly selected by a computer within a defined price range. Don’t expect to get a high-priced skin when betting a few cheap.


That’s the most straightforward type of skin getting on the site. You choose any skin from your collection and exchange it to a skin of a similar price. You can also choose more expensive skin and compensate for differences in value by using funds from your account balance. No gambling, no risk.


Jackpot gives you a chance to win money for every case opened including those opened in Arena. Every opened case rolls a number and if the combination of numbers lands on 77777, you win the jackpot. The award you get depends on the value of cases you open. 

  • Small (cases’ prices ranging between $1 and $4.99)
  • Medium (cases’ prices ranging between $5 and $24.99)
  • Large cases’ prices ranging $25 and higher)

Games Offered

On DaddySkins you can find cases from CSGO, League of Legends, and VGO skins. The last ones are actually gaining more and more popularity. So what are VGO skins? These are the analog of CSGOskins from Steam, only with new color variations. The downside of these skins is the fact that you can’t use them in CSGO itself. However, VGO has many more advantages. 

Location & Age Restrictions is a gambling website that has money or skins (that are usually purchased for cash) involved. Thus, the site is not open to everyone. First, only people who reached at least the age of 18 are allowed to play on DaddySkins. In addition, keep in mind that some countries may have restrictions on accessing sites like DaddySkins. 

That’s why we strongly recommend you to follow your government laws, as the site cannot always apply technical methods for restricted access. As far as we have checked, Daddy Skin is legit and can be accessed in the majority of states including the USA, Australia, the UK, and many others.

Briefly About DaddySkins Registration

The website is pretty easy to navigate. Users can register and log in to DaddySkins by clicking the “Sign In” button located in the top right corner of the site. Besides, it’s also possible to sign in via your Steam, Facebook, or Google accounts

Deposit Methods

On DaddySkins, they use G2APay for all deposit transactions which gives users access to many different payment options such as credit cards, Bitcoin, Skrill, Webmoney, and etc. Here is a detailed instruction on how to deposit on the website with the best value?

You can either pay with one of the existing skins. OR if you don’t have a valuable skin to deposit, you may want to pay with PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, etc. On their Facebook account, DaddySkins offer a few tips on how to do that in the most efficient way:

Step 1

Go to or any other skin store, find skins with a discount. There may be up to a 25-30% discount.

Step 2

Buy a skin paying PayPal or BTC or whatever payment method you want.

Step 3

Deposit that skin on using ‘daddy’ promo code, which gives you 10% cash-back.

Payment Methods And Withdrawal 

Withdrawing skins from DaddySkins depends on the type of skin that you want to take out. VGO skins can be withdrawn using OPSkins to complete the transaction. Being honest, we found the withdrawal process of CSGO skins on DaddySkins a bit complicated. This is primarily because you can withdraw skins indirectly from the site for CSGO. You do so by cashing out the cost of the skin in Ethereum to and then buying the skin that you require through

Privacy And Security

DaddySkins is a legitimate and secure website? First, it runs on a secure SSL-encrypted connection. It means that all your payments and connection are secured. You can easily verify it by checking the left-hand side of the website’s address. There you’ll see a padlock showing that your connection is secure. The website claims to take topics like legitimacy and fairness super seriously. Hence, as you already know they were one of the first platforms to use the Provably Fair system with a 3rd party service involved, to make sure there is zero chance to rig the results.

Customer Support

We know how important customer support is, especially on the site where the money is involved. The absence of live chat is probably one of the most significant disadvantages of Nevertheless, you can still contact them on Twitter or email at [email protected] The fastest way to reach DaddySkins’ customer support team is through their Steam group chat. 


DaddySkins is an excellent choice for everyone who’s hunting rare CSGO and VGO cases and skins. By joining this website, you’re sure to get the most exclusive game items, not for all money in the world. Apart from various betting options, they also provide a good variety of bonuses for their customers and regular giveaways on social networks. In general, DaddySkins is a worthy website and we can confidently recommend it to potential users. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DaddySkins Legit?

The DaddySkins site has been active for 3 years and for that time have deserved the reputation of a trustworthy and safe platform. They are active on social networks and customer support is easy to contact. Besides, the site has mostly positive reviews by real users, so we have no reason to hesitate about its legitimacy.

How Much Do DaddySkins Cases Cost?

It depends on the type of case you want to open. The price may vary from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. 

Is Safe?

Yes, they are. DaddySkins take the matter of safety seriously. They use a secure SSL-encrypted connection and were among the earliest to introduce a provably fair system with the third party involved to make sure that the results can’t be rigged.

Daddyskins Review Details

Deposit Methods:
4.3 rating

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