Best CSGO Case Opening Sites

CSGO Case Opening

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter released in 2012 by Valve. Soon after the launch, in a 2013 game update, the developer implemented a system of the virtual economy by introducing skins, in-game cosmetics.

You can obtain skins by opening cases, which in turn require case keys to do so. However, such a system would result in losses for the players, as the value of the items dropped was often far lower compared to the amount of money spent to receive it.

With the game’s rise in popularity, this economic model became extremely beneficial for Valve and very attractive to the players. The skin market was one of the things they enjoyed the most, but the problem of bad business for them mentioned above still remained. Players are not able to check the odds and the chances of getting something worth are small. That is why the CSGO case opening sites began to pop out.

What Are CSGO Case Opening Sites?

These websites offer the same Valve does, but at a lower cost and with high, transparent chances to win. Case opening sites have actually become some of the most popular gambling sites in the CSGO scene, showing how alluring their offers are to players and how skins are now a completely integrated part of the gaming experience.

Are Cases Worth Opening In CSGO?

This is an important question and one you should always ask yourself before jumping into the universe of CSGO case opening and case opening sites.

The answer is simple; maybe too much: you decide. Gambling always has to add to the fun, not replace it with some bad feelings. You should do so if you enjoy it. More specifically about skins, if you just downloaded the game and are new and inexperienced, think about it yourself, and you’ll understand that perhaps there is not much purpose in getting the best skins out there if you’ll rarely use them anyway. You’ll have time to consider it in the future.

On the contrary, if you play the game often, or have plans of doing so in the near future, and you would enjoy some nice new cosmetics, then go for it. As we said before, case opening sites are very common nowadays, and the ones we are listing below are safe and trusted. If you feel like this would add excitement to your CSGO experience, keep reading!

CSGO Case Opening

Legit CSGO Case Opening Sites

Given the enormous popularity cases and skins are receiving in the last few years, many operators are offering the possibility to win them to players and gamblers. Some cannot be fully trusted, but we promised to give you info about a few trustworthy cases opening sites on CSGO, so here we are!

  • Farmskins. “Drop is better than from Gaben”. With such a motto, it doesn’t come as a surprise if this is one of the most famous case openings sites in CSGO.
    First of all, they offer a wide range of deposit options: debit and credit cards, G2APay, Alipay, PayPal as well as for cryptocurrencies. If you want to deposit skins to trade them for site credits, that’s available too.
    Using this site, you can only withdraw skins, and sometimes they are not instantly available, as it could take up to 24 hours to withdraw some of the rare ones. Plus, a $4 deposit minimum is required before you are allowed to withdraw your winnings.
    Despite this, Farmskins offers balanced cases with a large variety of items and is renowned for its good reputation and safety.
  • Hellcase. Among verified CSGO case opening sites, this one is the reverse of the previous one. It doesn’t cover as many deposit methods, although it still accepts Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, G2APay, and all major cryptocurrencies. In return, you get the possibility of instant withdrawal of almost all items, still offering the chance to either opt for delayed withdrawal or choose another of close to the same value if the one you want isn’t available.
    In Hellcase, you also have the ability to sell undesirable items back to the website in exchange for credits, as well as to benefit from promotions and bonuses. What makes this site stand out is that their daily free case either gives you balance or a skin, so you’ll have the chance to open a few cases a month free of charge.
  • Datdrop. If you’re interested in opening CSGO cases, this website is definitely recommended. Although it doesn’t offer that much variety in terms of deposit compared to the previous entries, it still covers credit and debit cards, G2APay, SkinPay, and, as far as cryptocurrency goes, Ethereum.
    Despite not giving us the possibility to check a complete list of items available, it is safe to assume they offer pretty much every skin possible.
    Datdrop is also interesting because of the variety it offers, not only in terms of promotions and giveaways but also considering two games they added to the classic case opening.

So, What Is The Best CSGO Opening Case Website?

You’re looking for the easy way, huh? Well, the truth is, the answer will be the same as above. A bit boring as an answer, we get it, but we really want you to have your best experience with gambling so really: you should decide.

Our advice is to closely check legit CSGO case opening sites (even those not listed here, such as CSGOLive, GOCase, and DaddySkins) so that you understand which gives you what you’re looking for. Hellcase doesn’t accept Neteller, and you really like that as a payment option? Then check Farmskins. Farmskins doesn’t offer a convincing bonus for you, and you prefer Datdrop one? Then there you have it.

Have fun finding your favorite skin case opening site, and good luck!

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