• Games are provably fair proven
  • Modern design
  • Support of registration for most countries
  • Fast and fair withdrawals
  • 3 different jackpot sizes
  • Get an extra 5% to every deposit
  • The website is sometimes slow
  • No signup bonus for the newbies
  • The interface is a bit inconvenient
  • The site is not optimized for mobile

Skin betting will not lose its relevance until skin games like CSGO exist. Not strange why more and more skin gambling platforms appear on the market. In this review, we will provide you with a guide on site that’s exactly in the skin gambling category.

In A Nutshell 

Not all newly appeared gambling websites deserve attention, but Skinbet has something special to offer to a customer. Skinbet betting platform claims that its main aim is to make skin gambling great again. Go on reading to see if has managed to fulfill all the promises.

About is a young gambling website that has not become very popular among users. It offers online coinflip and jackpot games so you can be able to bet and win CSGO and VGO skins. It has not gained much popularity among reviewers and customers and still has some weak points to better up. On Skinbet, you can try your luck in and get a chance to win some precious skins which then will bring you real money. What price you‘ll get depends on your ability to take risk and luck. So if you’re ready to challenge your fortune, join!

Bonuses, Referral Codes, And Promotions

On the one hand, offers no signup bonuses that seem strange in a competitive market of gambling websites. On the other hand, every user can enter a Skinbet promo code Lords for an extra 5% for all deposits. Besides, you can earn money on Skinbet by inviting friends to the website using the Skinbet code.

Special Features

Key Drops

Key Drops is a Skinbet’s special feature. The point is, two times every hour you can take part in key drops. In an attempt to win free keys you must complete a task shown in the chat. To participate in these key drops you need to have at least $1 bet for the previous hour in any game on the site and the round you bet in must have been raked at least 2.5%.


To be able to “make it rain” on, you need to have at least $1 on their balance. In addition, only users who bet $5 in a taxed game mode for the past week have 2 minutes to complete the captcha to join the rain. When the time expires, money is divided between all bettors who took part in rain. 

Games Offered


CSGO coinflip follows the same principle as that in real life. How many times did you let a coin make a decision? Skinbet lets the coin decide your fate in CSGO gambling. When choosing a coinflip type of betting, you can first try your luck vs computer. You have a 50/50 chance to win or lose it all as the coin flips on one of two symbols.

Once you’ve navigated the game, you can start playing against real opponents on the other side of the screen. The two players place their CSGO or VGO skins bets on heads or tails. The winner will receive it all. We found CSGO coinflip by far the simplest and entertaining type of betting. 


If you’ve played jackpot in real-life casinos, you must be acutely aware of how the game works. If compared to the usual casino game, the Skinbet’s jackpot is not much different. Players can bet even the lowest-priced skins and still have a chance to hit the jackpot. The higher the value of skins you bet, the higher are your chances to win. 

Nevertheless, keep in mind that high bet value is never a 100% guarantee of your win. The game starts when all players have placed their bets in the virtual pot and click the bet. Then an RNG (random number generator) picks up the winner. In our opinion, Jackpot is one of the most exciting and fun ways of skin gambling. 

Location & Age Restrictions is strictly for users 18+. The site welcomes players from almost every country including the USA, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, and etc.

Types Of Bets 

On Skinbet, you don’t wager on games but play them on your own. Judging from its name, on Skinbet, you can wager your CSGO and VGO skins. These skins are then can be stored for your own pleasure or sold for good money. Anyway, gambling with this website involves the risk of losing cash. 

Skinbet Registration

To start gambling on the Skinbet good site, you need to log in with the Wax cloud wallet or with Steam. Just choose what method is more convenient for you, enter your username and password and enjoy betting. Skinbet registration doesn’t take more than 30 seconds and its absolutely free of charge. What we found a bit annoying is the necessity to complete a 2-stage captcha every time you enter the site via Google. 

Deposit Methods

On, you can make deposits by several methods. They include the following:

  • Bitcoin 
  • CSGO p2p
  • Ethereum 
  • PayPal 

Choose which one is more convenient for you and get an additional 5 percent to the sum of your every deposit!

Payment Methods And Withdrawal 

If compared to deposit methods, the number of withdrawal methods is noticeably less. To get your winning, you can use one of the following payment systems. 

  • CSGO p2p
  • Ethereum 

Privacy And Security

For the first sight, looks legit, Hopefully, it’s really so because we found no proves that the website is legitimate. 

What about security, Skinbet is absolutely safe to use. So don’t worry love the question “Is Skinbet legit?” because it is. Since October, they operate with an SSL certificate which means that your connection with a service is secure. None of your sensitive data (credit card information or passwords) can’t be intercepted by any third party.

Customer Support

The convenience of the site demands a total upgrade. To contact customer service you need to enter your email and password which creates additional obstacles. Anyway, you can try to perform all these manipulations or contact them via social networks. They have an account on Twitter where they publish the latest news and updates.


When creating this review on the Skinbet betting service, we intended to make it as honest as possible. Thus, here you found only the truth about the website. We honestly discussed the most contradicting aspects and pointed out the features that need to be improved. If we managed to evoke your interest in the Skinbet legal platform, you’re welcome to join the service. Anyway, the best way to see if the Skinbet site is convenient for you is to check it out by yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Special About Skinbet?

Skinbet is a gambling platform that offers you Jackpot, and Coinflip games. What makes this website stand out is Skinbet’s special features like rains and key drops. To earn profits from the two, you must be active on the site and have at least $1 deposited on your account.

Is Skinbet Scam?

No, it’s definitely not a scam. On the left of the screen, you can see a chat room where everyone can discuss any issue. Besides, they have a decent trust rate among users and guarantee fast and instant withdrawals through several methods including CSGO p2p and Ethereum.

Is Skinbet Safe?

Yes, Skinbet gambling is absolutely safe. All the users’ data are secured with a reliable SSL connection. You should not be worried while browsing the website because as you see, it takes your safety seriously. 

Is There A Skinbet App?

No there’s currently no mobile application and frankly speaking the website is not optimized for being comfortably used via smartphones. 

How Does A Provably Fair System Work?

A provably fair system is often used in online casinos. , a player places bets on games offered by the service operator. Results of bets for which the outcomes are mathematically predetermined are harder to scrutinize and thus the system can add a degree of trustworthiness to a gambling operation.

How To Win Skinbet’s Coinflip?

You can’t win the coinflip game all the time. It’s a 50/50 win or lose game. Users place bets on heads or tails and get prepared to hit the jackpot or lose it all. The best strategy when playing Coinflip is to have no strategy.

What Are VGO Skins?

VGO Skins are an analog of CSGO skins from Steam, only with new color variations. The downside of these skins is the fact that you can't use them in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive itself.


Skinbet Review Details

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3.8 rating

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