• quick withdrawal of funds
  • almost the best visual design among the existing
  • a large number of cases
  • additional gambling games
  • different type of cases included
  • multilingualism
  • no live support
  • one way authentification 
  • very few deposit methods 
  • the presence of a premium account limits the functionality of a regular user

Short Review has recently announced itself and has already established itself as an excellent platform for opening cases and gambling. FlameCases gambling servicе combines several alternative skin-betting areas – both directly opening cases and online casinos with bets as a deposit. As certain advantages, the stunning bright design, extensive functionality, excellent optimization, and a full-fledged mobile version immediately catch the eye. It all looks terrific and, perhaps, spectacular.

Among the variety of FlameCases reviews, it can be difficult to figure out whether this site is really good for gambling. But is gambling website that good? Let’s try to figure it out.

FlameCases Registration And Sign Up

FlameCases gambling service at the authentication stage immediately categorically cuts off all unnecessary. Are you here to place your skins from your Steam inventory and win? Log in through Steam. In this regard, FlameCases gambling website is harsh and uncompromising – it does not offer any alternative options. Forget about logging into Google, Facebook, and other platforms. FlameCases gambling service is ultimatum – either you log in through Steam and link your account with your inventory to the site or don’t play here.

Get Ready For A Gamble – Deposit Methods

The situation is not much better with the available deposit methods on the FlameCases gambling website. The choice is the classic option of using items from your inventory as a deposit.

It should be noted that funds are credited to the account with a slight delay. In the worst case, the payment will be received in ten to twenty minutes.

FlameCases Gambling Service – Special Features

However, the situation becomes much more interesting as soon as it comes to personal characteristics. FlameCases gambling service has several features that make it strikingly different from hundreds of skin-betting clones.

The first pleasant trifle will be multilingualism – in addition to English; the site supports Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese, and Russian.

Another intriguing feature of gambling service is the ability to purchase a premium account. Such an option is rarely found in the ranks of the same type of skin-betting online casinos, so it is especially interesting to find out what advantages this premium account provides in comparison with ordinary users.

For an utterly non-symbolic amount of $ 45 per month, gambling website promises (attention!) a unique premium account icon, the ability to make your profile private, participate in free giveaways, and special additional premium cases. Perhaps someone will say that all this does not sound so bad.

Our opinion – it looks like an honest attempt to earn extra money out of the blue on the developers’ part. All of the functionality listed in the premium set should exist on the site by default and for everyone. Everyone can decide for themselves how much a premium account is needed.

The last thing I would like to highlight as a unique feature is a design. Design is incredible here. At the same time, it is bright, minimalistic, endlessly stylish and attractive. FlameCases gambling service is pleasant to surf; you want to stay on FlameCases and want to gamble. I’ve seen many site designs of this type, but this one is no kidding, one of the best.

Bonuses, Referral Codes, Promotions gambling service supports entering two types of promo codes: regular and referral. The former provide specific bonuses, depending on the terms of the advertising agreement concluded between FlameCases and the promo code source. The recent work as part of a local affiliate program – the user receives one bonus dollar for each promo code entered on the site by his referral.

The gambling service referral program, however, goes much deeper. Each referral attracted to the site increases the partner level of the parent account. The partner-level increases the active activity of the referral even more within the framework of the platform’s functionality: the more the referral bets, the more severe bonuses the user gets, through whose referral link he came here.

FlameCases skin-betting site supports a cumulative bonus – you get a percentage of each of your referrals’ total bets. The percentage grows depending on your overall partner level – for reaching each new level, FlameCases gambling website provides exclusive bonuses. At the highest levels, the gifts offered are awe-inspiring – the size of the reward upon reaching the maximum, the sixth, is 6% of each bet of any of your referrals. This is one of the most loyal and promising affiliate programs among all sites of this kind at the moment.

FlameCases Online-Casino – Gambling Modes Offered


There are not very many modes of spending a user deposit on the FlameCases gambling service. The first and foremost one is directly opening cases. A variety of cases for every taste, with the ability to preview the contents. There are many different cases; some of them look objectively more profitable than others – and, as often happens, the most expensive ones do not always seem to be the most worthwhile for a gambler.


The set of cases is continuously being added and changed. Promotional cases are introduced, cases dedicated to specific events or dates, and there are also individual premium cases for happy owners of premium accounts in the assortment.

To choose from there are many cases of the two games – Dota2 and CSGO. Most likely, in the future, FlameCases gambling service plans to expand the range of offered games.


Contracts offer the ability to get rid of unnecessary skins. The user drags up to ten unnecessary items into a special field, after which they are randomly transformed into one more worthwhile one. In most cases, you are unlikely to end up with anything more valuable than the total cost of ten smelted items, but there is a small chance of converting to an epic or legendary item. In any case, contracts for gambling service are a great way to quickly and efficiently clean your internal inventory of unnecessary junk.

Percent Case

An exciting game mode on the FlameCases gambling website is the so-called “Percent case”. This mode offers the opportunity to minimize the randomness in case of victory. Each player can choose which skin or skin category he is interested in and sees in advance the chance of a successful roll, which is calculated based on the value of the bet made.

“Percent case” is an ultimate custom case – each player can independently assemble a case of his dreams and try to get exactly what he needs, and not vainly knock out the necessary loot from random boxes with heaps of garbage.


The latest game mode on the FlameCases gambling service. This is a classic gamble mode, more typical for skin-betting websites than for sites that specialize in opening cases. This is a “duel” or “coinflip”, in which each gambling player independently selects an opponent. Both gamblers place a bet, after which a random flips a coin and determines which of the two participants will get everything. The chance of one of the participants winning may slightly deviate from 50%, depending on the bet’s volume. If you are not satisfied with the lot put up by your gambling opponents, you can always refuse the battle.

FlameCases Gambling Website – Withdraw Funds

FlameCases gambling service provides three main ways to withdraw funds. Users can display the won CSGO skins directly into their inventories. They can also sell or buy CSGO skins from the internal FlameCases store. In exchange for the local currency earned, skins for several other games can be purchased, immediately transferred to the Steam inventory. Winning CSGO skins can also be directly traded using FlameCases gambling service for one of the platform’s supported cryptocurrencies.

Customer Support gambling service has technical support that provides customer assistance in a ticket format. Not as convenient and straightforward as live-chat, but the guys respond to requests quite quickly.

Besides, the site has a well-written and detailed FAQ, which helps solve most of the questions that arise in the process without directly contacting technical support.

Final Words skin-betting website is an excellent site for gambling and skin betting. Several unsuccessful commercial decisions, such as limiting functionality using a premium account, are fully compensated for by the abundance of well-implemented functionality, stunningly high optimizations, and charming design.


Does FlameCases Betting Site Support Esports Betting?

FlameCases does not support betting on the outcomes of eSports events.

Does FlameCases Gambling System Use “Provably Fair”?

There is no useful information on the FlameCases gambling site about the “Provably Fair” system.

Can I Enter A FlameCases Promo Code?

Yes, FlameCases gambling website supports promo codes.

Is FlameCases Gambling Service Legit?

Yes, FlameCases betting website is legal and has a trade agreement with Steam.

Is There A Mobile App For The FlameCases Gambling Website?

No, there is no FlameCases app available yet.

What Gambling Modes Are Available On The FlameCases Gambling Website?

FlameCases gambling service provides two main gamble modes: opening cases and gambling in battle mode.

FlameCases Review Details

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