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  • <lack of explanations of gambling modes and available features
  • <there is no possibility of changing the interface language

Short Review

The gambling website is not intended for skin-betting or online betting on all kinds of gambling events. Its purpose is to open loot boxes and cases. Of the many similar sites, Cases4Real is one of the most popular – this review will help you figure out if this is so and why. Among the variety of Cases4Real reviews, it can be difficult to figure out whether this site is really good for gambling and skin-betting.

We will go through all the sections of the gambling website step by step to explore the possibilities offered and decide if this site is worthy of attention, and it is as good as it is said to be.

Skin-betting And Gambling – Intro

Every third CS: GO player sooner or later thinks about the possibility of alternatively using their inventory. As you probably know, thanks to the economic policies of Valve and the growing popularity of CS: GO, in-game items from it have value outside of this game. Sometimes this value reaches astronomical amounts of several tens of thousands of dollars, which allows them to be sold on the internal marketplace and to purchase other Steam products or alternative more suitable skins.

The Cases4Real betting service is among the latter. I propose to consider in more detail all the options and capabilities that it presents.

Cases4Real Registration And Sign Up

Registration at gambling service is traditionally simple. This is not even so much a full-fledged registration as authorization using one of the offered services. In our case, the choice of options for authorization is somewhat limited – and the main one is expected to be Steam.

Deposit Methods

The gambling website offers quite a few deposit options. The main one is to transform items from your inventory into the service’s internal currency, after which you can use it to open cases.

If this method of a deposit does not suit the user for some reason, he is offered several alternative payment systems.

In the case of the gambling service, funds are credited to the account almost instantly, regardless of the chosen payment system. Everything here has been done so that the user can start the gamble as soon as possible. Gambling Service – Bonuses, Referral Codes, Promotions, unfortunately, does not have such an advanced bonus system as some competitors. Of course, you can enter promo codes here, which you can get not only on YouTube channels and streams but also right on the site.

Also, each of your deposits will receive a permanent free bonus of 10% to the original amount. No promotions, free giveaways, and giveaways on the gambling service were noticed.

Gambling Modes Offered

The range of gamble modes on offer on the gambling website is also not happy. The user is offered only three gamble modes, which is significantly inferior even to the number of options in the list of possible platforms for making a deposit.


The first and primary gamble mode on the gambling service is, of course, opening cases. The main page of the site offers a vast number of various cases to choose from – their cost varies from five cents to several hundred dollars. Opening cases are, in some way, a win-win lottery – for each opening, the user receives a skin. The only question is whether the total cost of this skin exceeds the original value of the case.

The more expensive the case, the more costly and rare items can be stored inside. The opening takes place using a regular roulette – after a short animation, the gambler sees prize and can decide whether it was worth it. Before paying for the opening of the case, the gambler can familiarize himself with the full list of inside skins. Determine the degree of suitability of choosing this case, roughly calculate the chance to get something precious from it.

It should be noted that the cost of a case does not always directly reflect its real value. This feature is typical not only for the gambling website but also for almost any similar virtual casino. As a rule, the most profitable cases are of average value – it is when they are opened, the gambler is less likely to lose money and often gets something precious. gambling service is no exception in this regard. Don’t look at the cost; choose wisely.

Separately, it is worth noting the possibility of narrow-profile cases. Some of them specialize in knives or rifles, others in skins of a particular series. With the right amount of luck, you can try to get exactly what you want.


The next gambling mode on the gambling website is the so-called “contracts”. You cannot participate in this mode with an empty deposit – bets here are accepted exclusively from inventory items.

The essence of contracts for the Cases4Real gambling website is that the participant must place ten items in a special field. Their cost and value do not matter. Only the final chance depends on it. However, ten items with a total value of a dollar will do just fine.

Ten delivered items are randomly transformed into one or more new items. With luck, they can turn into an expensive and rare skin. The chances are not very high, but Cases4Real gambling service contracts are a great way to eliminate excess junk in your inventory.


The last gambling mode on the Cases4Real gambling service seems like an alternative contract. Here, only one skin is used as a bet – depending on the type and cost. The system calculates the chance of its improvement to a higher level. With the most excellent opportunity, naturally, the skin will be upgraded to a less valuable one. Nevertheless, there is a good chance of a successful upgrade to an epic or legendary skin, the cost of which can be many times higher than the original one.

Cases4Real Gambling Service – Withdraw Funds

Withdrawals to gambling platform are carried out within 24 hours. You can withdraw only a real deposit and not the currency received with the help of bonuses or promo codes. The withdrawal of funds is relatively fast and reliable – no attempts by the owners of gambling site to cheat players were found in the process. You can withdraw funds both as skins to the linked Steam inventory and the accounts of other services.

Privacy And Security

Cases4Real gambling service is legit. The site operates in full compliance with applicable law. All nuances are described and disclosed in a detailed user agreement. All information that requires from the user is entirely confidential and not subject to disclosure. Cases4Real service undertakes not to use the information received for any other purpose other than the stated one.

Customer Support

The official Cases4Real FAQ contains an answer to a question regarding technical support. According to the information provided in the official response, each user in case of non-standard problems can ask for help using the pop-up window in the lower right corner of the site. Presumably, we are talking about online chat, but at the time of writing this review, there is no way to contact technical support on Cases4Real.

Cases4Real Gambling Service – Final Words gambling website is a highly specialized service for opening cases. It does not support any other popular gambling options, limiting itself to a single direction. The variety of cases provided and the presence of additional creative modes in conjunction with relatively good randomness make Cases4Real gambling service a competitive platform. However, the functionality of the service is limited. The site lacks a lot of traditional things, such as chat, distributions, sweepstakes, a referral program, and even adequate technical support.


4.0 rating

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