• The website is available in 7 languages.
  • A wide range of payment methods including Bitcoins
  • They often conduct giveaways of skins
  • Live chat support
  • The variety of skins to sell is restricted with only CSGO and PUBG skins
  • No CSGO CASH app

Skin gambling has loyal admirers in every corner of the world. We understand the hype and always keep up to date. Thus, we have prepared an honest outlook into the work of CSGO CASH considered one of the most reputable skin betting platforms. Keep reading to learn more about the CSGO CASH betting site and get the CSGO CASH promo code.

In A Nutshell 

Unlike the other services, on CSGO CASH site you can sell almost any item, even the cheapest one. The list of skins and prices is constantly updated, therefore – just log in every day, check out the current prices, and sell unnecessary items effort-free.


CSGO CASH is a special service that allows you to sell your CSGO items for real money. Not only the unique concept but also the technical excellence of CSGO CASH makes transactions on the website simple and convenient. You no longer need to spend your time and effort, getting confused in incomprehensible algorithms. According to most of the CSGO CASH reviews, everything on Cs is accessible and transparent. 

CSGO CASH gambling website allows fans of the CSGO game to instantly exchange items for real money. With CSGO CASH selling CSGO items takes no longer than 3 minutes.

The website is available in 7 languages (English Russian, German, Polish, Portuguese French, and Turkish) and operates in 26 countries which makes CSGO CASH truly an international platform.

Bonuses, Referral Codes And Promotions

CSGO CASH allows its customers to sell items and earn + 10% more with the help of CSGO CASH code. What is needed for this? Play CSGO regularly, sell skins and get a bonus for every payout. Increase your payout by 10% by unlocking 10 bonus ranks. For example, reaching the first level will give you +1% from every transaction while for the tenth rank, you will be awarded +10% to the sum of the cashout. 

Besides, the website offers generous bonuses for every referred friend. More friends, more bonuses. 

Special Features

CSGO CASH is all about exchanging skins for real cash. Here you can sell any skin you have, they accept any item except the cheapest ones. What we found really outstanding is the client-oriented policy of the website. They offer several bonuses and promotions programs and giveaways to make the service more attractive to potential customers.

The algorithm to start selling skins on CSGO CASH good site is pretty easy.

First, you log in on the site via Steam

Second, select all the skins you want to sell. The higher the value of skins you have for sale, the higher bonus you get for all future trades.

Third, within a few minutes, you will receive money on a Qiwi wallet, Yandex, Money, PayPal, a bank card, or a mobile phone.

If you hesitate about the trustworthiness of the site, you can read reviews from customers on Trustpilot. They regularly ask users to comment on their experience of using the service.

Games Offered

CSGO CASH is a trading platform that is specialized in skin trading. Since its start, the website has mainly focused on CSGO skins. In 2018, they added a new option of PUBG skins selling. There’s no case opening and some may say the amount of games offered is not enough, but we think that it helps to concentrate to arrange a better service.

Location & Age Restrictions

CSGO CASH welcomes everyone who is interested in selling their PUBG and CSGO skins for good prices. However, some users are still recommended to abstain from using the CSGO CASH gambling service. They don’t allow those under the age of majority (18 years in most countries) to join the site and hold any transaction. 

CSGO CASH Registration

CSGO CASHregistration is an easy challenge. You log in via your Steam account to sell items. Being honest, CSGO CASH like any other skin betting service is tightly connected to Steam. You’re unlikely to make any transaction unless you’re registered on Steam.

Deposit Methods

The site allows you to log in via Steam and reveal the collection of skins to sell. You don’t make the deposit but decide what skins you want to sell. CSGO CASH is a skin betting platform where skins are the main deposit currency.

Payment Methods And Withdrawal 

Withdraw money through any payment system including Qiwi Wallet, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Bitcoin, Yandex Money, Webmoney, and Mobile Payment.

As usual, the withdrawal takes 15-20min if the payment system allows it to. Please keep in mind that sometimes funds may be delayed by the payment system for reasons beyond the control of the site. If you have not received the money within the specified period, contact our online support to determine the reason for the delay.

Privacy And Security

While gathering info about CSGO CASH, we found no data that confirm the site’s security. On their official website, however, they claim that they value their reputation and don’t users’ security is their ultimate concern. “Integrity and reliability are the core values that guide our work. No deception and no gimmicks. You no longer need to worry about anything when selling your CSGO items; you can simply receive cash payouts and relax… We guarantee that every trade is secure. You and your valuable items are now safe and sound!” 

Customer Support

The CSGO CASH team is constantly working to improve the site and stay in touch with the users. They believe that only in cooperation with their customers they can become a better community. Thus, the site encourages every user to send them comments, questions, and suggestions. You can apply to the site’s customer service team via filling a feedback form, live chat, email [email protected], and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google, and etc.). If you have any issues, we also recommend turning to their FAQ section.


Now when you’re aware of all the details of the site’s operation, you can make a decision whether CSGO CASH is worth your time and money. The website is all about convenience and risk-free skin trading. Even though there are not many reviews on the gambling site and no accurate information about its legitimacy, the site is still believed to be credible and trustworthy. Register and check it out! There’s nothing to lose. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is

CSGO CASH is a skin betting website where you can get money for skins you don’t need. It’s famous for providing convenient payment methods and good promotional offers for all clients and generous bonuses. You can easily join the site via Steam, sell skins, and get your money soon after the trade. The main currency on the site is the USD which fastly converts into the currency of any country.

What Type Of Skins Does The Site Accept?

CSGO CASH accepts almost all skins, including all the common-grade skins. The latter you can sell in packs of four. There are only a small number of skins that have no value for their community that our service does not accept.


We have found no official information if CSGO CASH is legal and safe. However, the website is always active on social networks and has an option of live chat that distinguishes it among similar skin gambling platforms. It all gives an impression of CSGO CASH as of a legit service.

How Do They Define The Price For Skins?

The price of skins is determined on the basis of the average price on available trading platforms, as well as sales statistics for these items. Our service will offer you the highest price available for your skin. Please note that the value of the skin may vary.

How Do I Get Money For Skins?

Funds received from the sale of skins will be sent to your selected payment system immediately after the trade is confirmed in your Steam account. You can check the status of the trade in the "Trade History" section of your profile on the site.

CSGO Cash Review Details

Withdrawal Methods:
4.3 rating

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