If you ever wondered how renting CSGO skins is like, then Lootbear might become your next passion. It provides users with something special and definitely not like the standard CSGO skin wagering or case opening websites. In simple terms, Lootbear offers those interested in a monthly subscription cosmetics service. By paying a fee, customers can trade all the skins available in the site’s inventory for a set amount of time.

Such a system benefits everyone: CSGO players can get the uncommon skin they look for or can’t afford in any other way, while the item’s owner can get some monetary compensation without having to put such an item for sale, losing it forever.

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About Lootbear

We briefly introduced you to the Lootbear system. It is a rental service for CSGO skins. To be more detailed about it, here is how it works.

  • Obviously, the first passage is to complete the Lootbear registration process. Visit lootbear.com and click on the “Get Started” button you see at the top. You are given two options to register: either sign up with an existing Facebook or create a brand new one. Since you’ll be trading CSGO skins, having an active Steam account is a must so that you can do transactions later on. If you have it, enter a Lootbear code.
  • Pass the three security levels. You attain the first level as soon as you provide a payment method, a phone number, and a valid address. To go through the second level, you have to prove you are a real person by providing a picture of your ID the details of your card. These passages are to ensure you are not a bot or trying to illegally use the website.
    Members who have been on the site for a long period of time will eventually reach a higher level of security. Being on higher levels grants customers even better items and the possibility to rent them simultaneously.
  • Select the package you prefer. Renters can select among three different types of packages, which range in price from $9.99 up to $49.99 monthly. You find all the details concerning packages on their website lootbear.com.
  • Rent the skins you want. At last, the best part. Open the menu and navigate to the “Browse” tab. Here you find a list of all the skins you can rent. Choose among them freely and start using them. To check what are the items you rented, go to the “Rentals” section. From now on, you can return skins, withdraw new ones, keep changing the way you look in-game.

Bonuses, Referral Codes, And Promotions

During the registration process, use a Lootbear promo code you found on the internet to get a 10% discount on the package you choose.

The website also runs several promotions once in a while. For example, right now, you get the possibility to rent Premium skins for a week while having the freedom of being allowed to cancel anytime you want.

LootBear got skins

Lootbear Features

Don’t expect fancy things from Lootbear like casino games or special types of offers like free skins or coins. The website isn’t really a CSGO gambling site, so it basically provides “only” the monthly rental service. Nonetheless, customers can still enjoy a few interesting features.

For example, become a CSGO skin supplier and instantly get 60% of the value of a skin you decide to sell instead of just rent. Another example has to do with veteran users: if you utilize their service long enough, you’ll be eligible for Lootbear Ultra, an active subscription that allows 5 rentals at a value of up to $1200, only for the most dedicated renters.

Location And Age Restrictions

Despite not offering a traditional gambling experience, the website still involves money and paid subscriptions. Therefore, people below the legal age of 18 years old cannot register. If you want to go through the second level of security, then, as mentioned before, you’ll have to provide a picture of your ID to demonstrate your age. No cheating allowed!

Their Terms and Conditions don’t specify any limitations when it comes to location. If you have doubts or want to get more specific information, it is advisable to directly write to them asking for clarification on the topic, since info depends on your country and can greatly vary with time.

Deposit And Withdrawal

All major payment methods are available to pay for the subscription as well as for buying and trading items: debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Withdrawing skin is very simple. Provide the website with your Steam Trade URL and make sure to set your Steam inventory to “Public” in order to start any transaction.

LootBear features

Privacy And Security

The importance Lootbear gives to the site’s and its customers’ safety is clear just from the moment you learn about the three-level security they implemented. They really want to make sure the service they provide is safe for everyone and free from scams and other similar negative experiences.

They met the requirements and became acquiescent with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and, if this wasn’t enough, the community they built is strong and as affectionate as passionate. This is another important factor in realizing Lootbear is legal and very much loved by everyone who ends up using their website.

Customer Support

The Customer Support section was a bit hard for us to find. A quick look, and you’ll only find their email address (one of the many ways you can reach out to the Lootbear staff). However, pay attention, and you’ll notice a blue icon at the bottom of the page. Click on it, and you’ll open the chat window. Chat is not live 24/7, but if you use it during their online hours, they will certainly help you with your inquiries. If it isn’t currently available when you need it, you can always send them a message and wait for them to get back to you.

This isn’t all. There is also a big section filled with articles always available to everyone to help with any kind of question. You have to visit help.lootbear.com and browse the sections you prefer. Access also to their Terms of Service, as well as several FAQ sections, is available from there.


Having reached the end of our Lootbear review, we feel safe to assume the site is one of the best and most reliable websites when it comes to CSGO skins, especially because it offers a service no other website does. A monthly subscription is a great idea and perfect for fans of cosmetics and items. Distinctive and innovative, the system has proven to work perfectly given the high number of pleased customers from all over the world who use it for the great service they provide.

Enjoy the wide availability of payment methods, some few nice bonuses and promotions, and trade and rent or sell skins in a convenient, and especially safe, way. The Support team is available and always helpful and will do their best in order to assure you of a great experience. Join thousands of users and become a part of the CSGO skins rent community!

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