CSGO Blackjack Background

Blackjack is one of the most entertaining and popular card games which started back in the 18th century. Its fame finds its way in CSGO gambling sites to act as a theme and add more interest to the players. CSGO blackjack and traditional ones are played the same. However, instead of betting actual money, CSGO skins or items are used, which makes it more popular in online gambling.

Despite its popularity, finding the best CSGO sites with blackjack can be challenging. A more difficult task is also finding a trustworthy site to avoid getting scammed. So, this article is here to help you with our list of sites with blackjack that are personally rated and reviewed.

Blackjack CSGO Rules And Gameplay

Before we give you the list of sites to play blackjack, it is also important that you should have knowledge about the rules and gameplay.

Blackjack is played with at least one minimum deck and usually has several more card decks. The cards 2-10 or also known as numbered cards, have the same corresponding value. While all suit cards, such as Jack, Queen, King, have 10 points worth value. And the Ace card is either worth 1 or 11 points, depending on your decision.

The value 21 is the best hand for the game. It starts with two cards and would let you add more to get your desired value closer or until 21. However, if you reach a value more than 21, the dealer will automatically win and makes you lose the game regardless of the dealer’s card value at hand.

But the best part of this is if the dealer once reaches the minimum value of 17, it can never add more cards. This gives you more chances of winning at least x1.5 or double your bet. And as mentioned above, CSGO blackjack gambling is similar to the traditional card game. So, if you already know how to play the cards, this online setup will be easy for you.

The game starts with all the players placing their bets on the table. After betting, they are given cards, including the dealer, who usually has one card visible for all players to base their next move. The following are a few options to choose from when making your next turn.

Best CSGO Blackjack Sites 2023

Hit (take a card)

This is the most common move. It gives you a chance to either increase or lower your hand value by taking an additional card. However, you should always remember not to exceed your hand value of 21 to not lose the game.

Stand (stop)

This is also a common move that should be used when you are content with your current hand value, or you have reached the best value of 21. This move could be done with the starting hand or through additional hit cards. It is only applicable to players and not to the dealer. So, if all players decide to stand, the dealer will flip all the players’ invisible cards and have no choice but to take additional cards until his hand value reaches the minimum 17 points before he could stop.


This option is only allowed when you are awarded two identical cards and before making any move with your hand. This move splits your cards into two separate hands together with newly awarded cards to each. To make this possible, you should also remember you need to make new bets for your new hand. Its benefit in the game includes maximizing your winnings, minimizing your losses, and turning the odds back in your hand.

Double Down (doubling)

This is the most exciting move available in the game. This move makes you double your bet in exchange for taking just one additional card before making any move or extra card. The risk of this move is quite high because aside from allowing you to maximize the profit, it also can end your betting game after getting a low-value card and not being able to hit again.

Side Bet (insurance)

This move is only available if the dealer shows an Ace card. It gives you a chance to put a side bet, which is equivalent to half of your main bet, and gives you a winning 3x of the insurance value or gaining back your bet if you lose the round. This usually happens if the dealer’s additional cards are suits which have 10 points value. Either the players or the dealer is considered the winner if one of them gets the value of 21.

Surrender (give up)

This move is only allowed at the beginning of the round and is suitable for players who will fold their hands and just lose half of their bet instead of the whole amount. Players choose to surrender if they have a small chance of winning from the dealer’s hand value. This move may mean losing; it is still a good decision.

Best CSGO Blackjack Sites You Should Visit

Now you know all the basic rules and tips on how to play the game, this section will give you a list which is focused on CSGO blackjack sites. The sites below are reviewed and offer blackjack CSGO. Some of the sites include CSGO blackjack promo codes to make your game start with freebies.


CSGO blackjack sites are only a few, so finding a legit site is quite hard, but CSGOatse is available to let you play. Also, it is one of the best match betting sites and has a Multiview that allows you to play 3 or more games in a single time. It’s the only downside is just having Steam as its signing option and offers withdrawal of digital items.


This site may not be so popular, but it is one of the available CSGO blackjack sites out there that lets you withdraw skins and money. The site may be in Russian but can easily be translated using google. They also do not accept credit and debit cards, but they are still on the list in terms of legitimacy.


It has blackjack CSGO and boasts of its top-quality support and provably fair system. The site has amazing layout graphics and has a very solid reputation with various collections of games.

Other Sites That Has CSGO Blackjack Promo Code


Undercards are where you can play blackjack. They offer a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options that makes the site available everywhere. The site is well-designed with its interactive interface that appeals to the users. It may not have a welcome bonus, but a friend referral gives you free coins.


This is one of the best options with a CSGO blackjack site. The simple and engaging design of its platform and its provably fair algorithm makes players coming back. There is also no minimum and maximum deposit required and is generally operated by cryptocurrency.


This is another site that offers blackjack with only Steam as its signing option. Ethereum deposit is available with a minimum payment of 1$ but does not allow withdrawal of balance only CSGO skins.

Aside from blackjack, there are still other games you can play with CSGO, including roulette, crash, and more. Promo codes can also be found anywhere with the help of little research. The sites mentioned above are our personal recommendation in no chronological order to give you legit information on gambling.

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