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The objective of this review is to make you acquainted with the industry of skin betting in CSGO and to help you find the best providers to cooperate with during your gambling activities. You will learn what skins are as well as their special features and prices. You will also discover where you can find them and how you can trade them and use them for bets.

About Esports

During the last decade, the industry of esports has experienced a tremendous rise. It has grown out of a teenagers’ hobby to a real sport recognized by many countries. The players, or sportsmen, already get huge amounts of money for the victory in one of the numerous tournaments; around 250.000 people are engaged in the industry overall. It is no wonder that this market has come to the attention of bettors. Nowadays, there are so many online betting platforms, so you do not even have to get out of your bed to put your money to work. However, not all of them are legit and fair players. That is why you need to pick your gambling provider carefully and always be cautious and reasonable while dealing with gambling platforms.

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About Betting CSGO Skins

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer computer game developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. It is the last game in the Counter-Strike game series. The release of the game for personal computers on the Windows and Mac OS operating systems, as well as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles, took place on August 21, 2012. Like the previous games in the series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a three-dimensional multiplayer first-person shooter, in which players are divided into two teams and fight against each other. Two teams are represented in the game: terrorists and counter-terrorists, as well as two game scenarios: mine clearance and hostage rescue. In the first scenario, players playing for a team of terrorists must plant a bomb at one of several bookmark points, and counter-terrorists must successfully demine it. In the second scenario, the players from the terrorist team must not give the opposing team the chance to save the hostages they have taken.

Popular CSGO Gambling Options

Some of the most popular CSGO gambling options are betting on map winner, game-winner, number of rounds, etc. Nowadays, CSGO betting has gone so far that you do not even need to put your money in. Yes, you heard it right. CSGO skin betting gives you the possibility to use games as a betting currency.

This means you do not take the risk of losing your money. What is more, if you are an active player of Counter-Strike, you will not have difficulties with obtaining one of those visuals. The game distributes new skins KS: GO very often. The random appearance of rare CSGO items is probably the only drawback since it might take longer to receive the desired skin of CSGO, which perfectly emphasizes your game image. But in the end, they did not become the owner of the expensive skin KS: GO. It may, indeed, turn your hobby into the source of income. After all, even if your bid did not pay off, you lose nothing but good-looking visual items. Sounds interesting? Stick to the review to find out how it all works.

CSGO Skin Betting

Skins are merely those visual features that do not influence the game itself but represent the prestige and level of a player. We bet you have definitely noticed the exclusive customized cleats each soccer player wears during the game or stylish hairdos. These are the features that are not available for esports players due to the specificities of the game. However, they can use different weapon wraps ranging from less to more prestigious. These purchases are especially relevant if you play at a professional level and speak at competitions. If the name of the skin is gold, it means it is very expensive and unique; the skins with white names are the most common and cheap. Skins also may be ranged according to the stickers added to them. They can be high grade, remarkable and exotic. Some of them are dedicated to certain events, some to esports teams and professional gamers, and some of them are just colorful pictures. You can apply several stickers to one weapon, but you cannot remove them. Therefore, you need to be extremely, since widespread images reduce the quality and value of expensive CSGO skins.

Skins can be received through cases that usually appear at the end of a game or traded from other players. To open a case, you need a key that costs around $3. Some of the CSGO skins nowadays cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, that is why be very careful with third-party sellers not to get dragged into a scam. Some of them can even sell skins that are not allowed on the majority of websites.

The presence of additional options increases the cost of CSGO items and makes them more valuable. One such feature is the StatTrak “kill counter”, which has an LED panel mounted in the weapon body. On knives with StatTrak technology, the number of skills is scratched on the handle or blade.

If you want to get a lot of money from your skins, you can’t just keep them and trade them in your Steam account. Why? Because if you sell one of them (for a maximum of $1800), all of your money will remain on your account, and you will be allowed to use them only on Stem goods and services. This means you now need to use the CSGO skin marketplace, which will allow you to get more than $1800 and withdraw your money.

How To Bet CSGO Skins?

First of all, you need to have a Velve account, without which you will not be able to engage in CSGO skin betting and a couple of skins available for trade and betting. Then choose the platform that suits your expectation and market that allows item wagering. Perform the sign-up and choose the game/ player/ team you would like to bet on.

Skins betting is identical to the traditional CSGO betting. The only difference is that you use skins and not money for a bet. Consequently, the same strategies may be applied to this kind of betting. First of all, you are more likely to be successful in any CSGO betting if you play the game yourself. It means you have the understanding of the game, know well what influences the outcomes and which gaming behavior can lead a team to victory. Nevertheless, even those who know little about this game can succeed in this type of betting, since it is quite a stable and relatively predictable market.

Before starting betting on the particular website, make sure your skin betting operator is legit and is not the one that is going to vanish as soon as you transfer your skins. Unfortunately, the level of scam activities and fraudsters willing to take advantage of a gamer like you is still very high. Not every website cares about detailed and strict registration mechanisms, which allows many people with malicious intentions to flood these betting platforms.

Choosing CSGO Skin Sites

So how do you choose the right website to trust with all of your unique wraps? Well, there is a number of criteria that denote trustworthy CSGO skin sites. Here are some of them:

All Legal Information Is Provided On The Website

It is very important that the site enclose all the necessary information on its legal status and terms and conditions of its operation. So that each newcomer knows what kind of advantages and risks he or she takes registering on the website, a newbie can also learn whether it is legal to use the website’s services in its location. Legality, safety, and security are crucial criteria for gambling platforms, and all the users should pay precise attention to them before depositing money to a particular CSGO skin betting platform.

Workable Customer Support

If customer support on the website is created just for show, it means the administration pays a little attention to the customers. In case of any problems or questions, a user is left on their own, and it is very difficult for him to restore justice in money issues in particular.

Lively Community And Chat

It is very strange to see ‘dead’ chats on websites that claim to provide CSGO skin betting services to thousands of people.

Simple interface. If the website is too sophisticated, it makes you feel that the administration wants you to make ill-conceived moves or hide something from you. High-quality websites are determined to provide their users with nice service and make them concentrate on gambling, not on the navigation of the CSGO skin betting site.

Reasonable Odds

Good skin betting CSGO providers do not speculate on odds and do not push its users to any moves. Make sure you do not feel any kind of pressure and make your decisions yourself.

Good Reviews From Fellow Gamblers

In the era of services, reviews are the crucial mechanism of advertisement or defamation. So make sure you read reviews on the particular website from a safe, trustworthy source. If you are sure the reviewers are reliable, and their feedback is positive, you may safely start using this website’s services.

Recognized Name In The Industry

If the CSGO skin betting platform is known among bettors, it means they have used them and learned their pros and cons. You can read about such websites on the internet and then decide whether they are suitable for you.

Where To Bet CSGO Skins?

There is a huge number of websites engaged in skin betting. A lot of them offer different kinds of bonuses and promotions to attract new users, and sometimes it might be very difficult to choose one of them. You can make your own research on google to find your perfect place for gambling or rely on the opinion of CSGO skin betting reviews and choose from the websites listed above.

  1. Unikrn
  2. CyberBet
  3. Betway
  4. Pinnacle

You may choose one of these platforms to start your journey in skin betting and get to know the way it works. As you acquire experience in skin betting, you will learn how to differentiate nice skin betting sites from the lame ones and will definitely bet on numerous platforms. You may start with a couple of your own skins and then develop to a proficient trader or become a successful bettor. One thing is certain: there are numerous options for growth and development in this industry.

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CSGO skin betting is meant for ambitious CSGO players that do not want to go professional in this kind of esport, but still want to be in the game. What is more, it is not a traditional kind of betting that requires physical money; it is performed with skins as a means of payment media. Which means your risk is minimal. Having its drawbacks in the form of relatively large numbers of frauds in the industry, it has proven itself as a nice side source of income and enjoyable pastime. All you need to make your play safe is to find a trustworthy operator and lead a consistent betting strategy. In other words, you may win twice, 5 or 10 times betting all in, but one wrong move will make you lose everything. Some of the websites have useful links to some sources that support people in their willingness to play responsibly and address some gambling issues that may arise for some users. We advise you to read this information before starting betting. We also advise people under the age of 18 to refrain from using gambling websites.

Play and bet responsively, verify all your partners and companions, and enjoy your time making money in CSGO skin betting.

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