• quick withdrawal of funds
  • ergonomic interface and intuitive design
  • availability of an internal trading platform
  • active internal chat
  • excellent mobile adaptation
  • advanced affiliate program
  • constant draws
  • lack of online technical support
  • a small number of modes for bets
  • a small number of supported games
  • inability to enter promo codes

Short Review of CSGOHunt

Despite the ever-increasing number of other more modern esports disciplines, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been and remains one of the most popular. Millions of players continue to play it all over the world, and, due to the growing attention to esports, more and more platforms and sites for betting are emerging on the Internet.

This article will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of skin-betting site, study its unique features, gambling modes available to the user, to decide if this platform is right for you.

CSGO Skin-Betting Intro

Due to the enormous popularity of CS:GO these days and the internal economic exchange system organized by Valve, Counter-Strike is one of the most suitable gambling options. The current demand for this discipline can not only match but surpass the popularity of many old school sporting events. That is why more and more bookmakers worldwide include CS:GO and other popular esports disciplines in their betting network.

You can easily find bets on CS:GO matches on the site of any self-respecting bookmaker – now there are hundreds of such websites, and many of them are entirely legal. But, when it comes to CS:GO in particular, there is another way to bet on the outcomes of matches without attracting additional funds.

Skin-betting is a direction in esports betting, which, due to its simplicity and elegance, has almost surpassed the traditional money betting. Now you just need to link your steam account to one of the many skin-betting sites. Then you can place bets directly using items from your internal game inventory, exchanging them for virtual currency or displaying new skins on your account. Unlike most competitors, in the case of CS:GO, Valve still allows you to sell almost all items for real money on the internal Steam marketplace.

Surely many people know that skins in CS:GO do not provide the player with any in-game bonuses. This means that the game does not adhere to the principle of “pay-to-win,” leaving it up to the players to want to decorate their character. However, the cost of some skins in CS:GO is a way to reach extremely high values ​​- the price of some skins can vary in the range of $ 18,000 – $ 20,000.

There are a massive number of skin-betting sites on the market now. CSGOHunt is just one of them. This direction of bets is entirely legal and legitimate, except for a relatively short list of countries where it is expressly prohibited. Most of these platforms explicitly state that they have nothing to do with the Valve trademark and the game manufacturer. The exchange system using steam trade links allows you to carry out all the necessary operations without it.

Games Offered


Despite its name, currently supports betting on three games at once – the list includes CS:GO, Dota2 and TeamFortress. CSGOHunt service connects to your Steam game inventory, offering a full range of valuable and available items to choose from. The user decides what items can be risked by transferring to a deposit. It is worth noting that only items from the CS:GO inventory allow the platform to gamble skins directly. CSGOHunt offers the user to sell goods from the inventories of other games for their internal currency, credits, for which you can then purchase CS:GO skins and start betting.

csgohunt reviews

CSGOHunt quickly integrates custom steam inventory into its interface. Transactions happen almost instantly – both user reviews and my personal experience show that the site is not inclined to fall or lag, which is good news.


The user can choose from the following types: traditional casino roulette, classic coinflip, and jackpot. As for coinflip, everything is evident here – two participants put up items with a commensurate total cost, after which the random generator decides which of the two will be the winner and take everything. Or rather “almost everything” – for each such transaction, CSGOHunt, of course, charges a small commission. Accordingly, this mode is a regular bet on black or red in classic casino roulette – except for the fact that zero can never land on CSGOHunt. This model compares favorably with the fact that there will always be one winner in it.


The next available mode on the CSGOHunt is the good old roulette. One of the most traditional and time-tested games both in a real casino and in all kinds of its virtual counterparts. The local variation is practically no different from all the others – you can bet on black, red, and zero. The factor for the first two options is x2. For “zero,” the local factor is x14.


The last of the available CSGOHunt modes, Jackpot, determines the single winner among the many participants. The timer starts after the minimum required a number of participants are reached – the chances of each user to win depend on the size of his bet. The larger money is at stake, the higher the possibility that this player will win. But, since there is only one winner in this mode, the chances of victory for each participant are minimal. As the saying goes, the winner takes it all.

Special Features And Promo Codes On

One of the distinctive features of CSGOHunt is support for a flexible affiliate program. Thanks to a special promo code, users can spread information about the platform by sending their link to friends and acquaintances – each new authorization using your promo code fixes a cumulative bonus on your account, which grows as your network of affiliate contacts expands.

Another important difference between the is the presence of so-called “giveaways”, integrated directly into the platform. About once a month, new skin appears on the lottery platform – participation is completely free, you just need to repost the lottery in one of the proposed social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google). It is unnecessary to have a betting deposit on the CSGOHunt website to participate in the drawing. It is not possible to check the relevance of such a draw.

Currently, CSGOHunt does not support promo codes. Perhaps they plan to introduce this feature in the future, but now, this is a serious flaw.

Location And Age Restrictions Upon CSGOHunt Registration

CSGOHunt gambling service is international and completely legal. This service is available to users from most countries, except for those where the law expressly prohibits online-gambling (for example, the United Kingdom. Netherlands, France, Denmark, Belgium). Also, the user is required to reach the age of eighteen to sign in and start betting safely.

One of the essential advantages of is the absence of the need for registration. To authenticate and start making bets, you just need to log into your own Steam account, enter your username, password, and Steam Guard authentication key in case you use two-step authentication to protect your own data. Immediately after that, you can start making bets – using one of the three gambling modes presented at CSGOHunt.

Withdraw Funds

After a series of successful transactions, each user begins to think about withdrawing funds. The withdrawal system on the CSGOHunt website is as transparent and straightforward as possible. You can either sell the won items for local currency (credits) so that later you can buy what you need for them. CSGOHunt has an internal marketplace, its trading platform, which allows you to sell and buy skins for credits. Also, the user can withdraw the won items at any time back to Steam inventory, and then use them in the game or sell them on the trading platform. The withdrawal of funds is carried out by the operational platform – no difficulties were noticed either based on personal experience or based on user reviews with CSGOHunt.

CSGOHunt: Technical Support

Technical support at CSGOHunt responds pretty quickly. The average reaction time of a consultant is from one hour to three hours. CSGOHunt specialists are polite and correct. They are ready to provide the client with any assistance they can, both directly with the technical problems that have arisen, and with any other questions about CSGOHunt, betting, and gambling via the platform. Nevertheless, the CSGOHunt lacks online technical support in the form of live-chat, traditional for such platforms, which is quite inconvenient.

Final Words

CSGOHunt looks like an interesting and good alternative to many modern more popular gambling services – CSGOHunt has appeared recently, is actively developing, and some features are still being planned for implementation. However, it has already established itself as a reliable betting platform with a fairly small number of disadvantages.


Is CSGOHunt Legit?

Yes, CSGOHunt betting service is legal in all countries except the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Can I Enter A CSGOHunt Promo Code?

No, CSGOHunt gambling website does not yet support the introduction of promo codes.

Does The Site Have A CSGOHunt App?

No, there is no mobile app for CSGOHunt skin-betting site yet.

Does CSGOHunt Gambling Website Have A Mobile Version?

Yes, CSGOHunt is fully mobile-friendly.

Can I Gamble Items From Dota2 via CSGOHunt?

Yes, using CSGOHunt skin-betting service, you can gamble items from Dota2 and Team Fortress.

CSGOHunt Review Details

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3.5 rating

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