• quick withdrawal of funds
  • a huge range of game modes to choose from
  • free giveaways and draws
  • support for promo codes
  • advanced affiliate program
  • lack of online technical support

Short Review

Among the broadest assortment of various services and sites for skin-betting, it can be challenging to understand which sites are better than others. It is even more challenging to understand which website to choose and which of them you can safely trust your money.

Among all CSGOTune reviews, it can be difficult to figure out whether this site is really good for gambling. From my point of view, this site has several tangible advantages over the vast majority of competitors, with a relatively small range of competitors presented.

About Skin-Betting

In the modern world, online casinos and all kinds of betting services are increasingly replacing classic bookmakers every year. Why move somewhere physically and register somewhere live, if you can do it directly online, without stopping from watching your favorite broadcast? This is how modern players think when choosing the most suitable service for betting. All significant bookmakers have acquired functional websites long ago, many of which include in their series and tournaments in various cyber disciplines.

However, in today’s review, we are talking about skin-betting. This is an intensively developing direction of gambling, which allows you to use not a real currency as a deposit for a bet, but in-game items from your Steam inventory.

Due to the massive assortment of skin-betting platforms currently available, it can be challenging to make the right choice and understand which ones are worthy of attention. Today we are looking at the CSGOTune gambling service in more detail. This review is intended to tell in as much detail as possible about its features, noticeable and most significant shortcomings.

CSGOTune Registration And Sign Up

The first thing to understand about the CSGOTune gambling service is that it is universal. Unlike the vast majority of competitors, this betting platform provides an extensive range of options to choose from at all stages. СSGOTune is hugely actively developing and continuously updated – skin-betting itself was added to the site quite recently.

As you can see, there are many convenient authorization methods to choose from – you do not need to register at CSGOTune skin-betting service to start making bets. It makes sense to immediately divide the proposed options into two categories – authorization using Steam and all the others. If you log in to using Steam, you get access to your in-game inventory to transfer skins to CSGOTune as a deposit.

A classic scheme that you are probably already entirely familiar with – CSGOTune gambling service supports transactions with items not only from CS: GO but also from several other games.

Deposit Methods

CSGoTune gambling website offers three deposit options to choose from. You can use skins from your Steam inventory as a deposit, as well as a direct cash investment using the two proposed payment systems. The minimum deposit amount is $ 1.50. You can start playing immediately after making a deposit.

Some games are only available for gambling if you have made a deposit. If you try to use a demo balance obtained with a promo code or a starting bonus, most games will not be available until the first real account deposit.

Bonuses, Referral Codes, Promotions

One of the pleasant differences between CSGOTune skin-betting site and its competitors is the presence of a starting bonus. Immediately after logging in, invites you to spin the bonus roulette – depending on the section dropped on it, you will receive a starting bonus for $ 1.5 to $ 20. A nice bonus to start, but remember that the deposit received in this way is considered a demo balance. In order to turn your demo balance into a real one and get access to the full list of games, you need to replenish your account with at least the minimum amount.

CSGOTune gambling site has a developed bonus system. Every fifteen minutes, there is a free distribution of 10 coins (local currency). The timer is personal and is updated for each player. To get ten credits, you just need to go through the most uncomplicated captcha to avoid spam using bots and scripts. Ten credits are approximately equal in value to ten cents, which, frankly, is not that much. However, as a permanent bonus that everyone can receive, it is pleasing.

CSGOTune gambling service maintains a referral program to attract new members – each new player drew via a user link will participate in the formation of a cumulative bonus. You will receive a percentage of the size of the rates of each of your referrals, regardless of whether he will win or not.

CSGOTune supports the promo codes system and actively distributes them using streamers and contextual advertising. It is highly recommended that you look for promo codes after logging into – you will almost certainly find them easily.

Besides, every hour a random coin draw is held among the most active users of the local chat. You can win simply by not stopping to communicate.

Games Offered

Finally, going on to the most exciting part – games. CSGOTune gambling site can surprise its users here too. It offers an incredibly rich assortment of game modes – such an abundance of options is quite capable of envying even a real casino. Let’s consider each gambling mode separately.

King Of The Hill

The first mode offered on is the classic and probably well known to you “King of the Hill”. Ten participants gather in one lobby, each making a deposit. The size of the deposit determines the chance of winning; the only winner takes everything. Fast, simple, not very reliable – the chance of winning is one in ten, and those who try to deposit a large sum into crash should believe in their luck.


Almost like in a real casino, in this gambling mode, CSGOTune skin-betting service offers the user to play a nearly classic poker with several opponents. The rules are the same, instead of chips – your deposit in local coins. The winner takes the pot of the round – the winner is naturally the one who was the last on the table or the one who managed to collect the best combination. If you play poker professionally, then this is your chance! However, if you play poker professionally, what are you doing here?


One of the most reliable and time-tested modes is naturally available on A confrontation of pure luck, one of the two participants, is always the winner. The size of the bet can insignificantly affect the chance of winning – however, the proportions of bets here are automatically selected in an approximately equal range. Literally ten seconds, a coin tossed into the air – and the winner takes his win, while the loser is left with nothing.


Another classic mode familiar to all users is presented at CSGOTune as well. The good old crash is dangerous entertainment for the risky. Each participant places a bet, the multiplier of which is gradually increasing. The trick here is that you need to have time to withdraw the winnings before this impromptu financial pyramid collapses. I do not recommend this mode on CSGOTune – in most cases. The collapse occurs much earlier than the magnification factor has time to approach at least one.


I don’t think anyone needs to talk about roulette for a long time – everyone already knows perfectly how it works and what to do with it. As with most similar sites, the local roulette is cut as much as possible in terms of functionality. There are only three options for gambling – bet on red, bet on black and bet on zero. No complex schemes and mathematical combinations can be implemented in this scenario. However, it is not that they ever actually worked.


This is a solo game for introverts in the shower. This game mode on the CSGOTune gambling website is named as a tribute to tradition because it has nothing to do with the traditional dice game. Here the user can set a number – from 1 to 9,999. And then place a bet, the value will be higher than this number or less. The lower the chance, the higher the coefficient. The result of gambling becomes apparent within a couple of seconds. If this does not seem fast enough to you, you can always turn off the throw animation and go directly to it.


Latest game mode at CSGOTune gambling service. The rules are quite simple and differ little from the classic ones. The goal is to collect 21 points or more points than the dealer, but not more than 21.

Thus, you can see that CSGOTune offers a completely random familiar casino and a wide range of more intelligent modes. In each latter, the user can increase their chances of winning while minimizing the impact of randomness.

Final words

Based on the above, we can conclude that the CSGOTune website is one of the best skin-betting sites among the existing ones. It has several minor flaws, which are entirely covered by numerous advantages. Try it yourself.


Is CSGOTune Legit?

Yes, the CSGOTune betting service is legal.

Does The Site Have A CSGOTune App?

No, there is no mobile app for the CSGOTune skin-betting site yet.

Does The CSGOTune Gambling Website Have A Mobile Adaptation?

Yes, CSGOTune skin-betting site is fully mobile-friendly.

Can I Enter A CSGOTune Promo Code?

Yes, the CSGOTune gambling website supports promo codes. Review Details

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3.8 rating

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