• Fast and proven withdrawals
  • Pleasant bonuses for all customers
  • One of the original CSGO case opening sites
  • The design looks awesome
  • Live chat support isn’t available 24/7
  • A large house edge
  • No games were offered.

Case opening is hardly the only way to win precious CSGO inventory. If you want to try out your luck in this sphere, then Farmskins is perfect for you. In this Farmskins review, we will reveal all the secrets of the site’s operations and enlighten you on the positive and negative sides of this website.

In A Nutshell / Short Summary

Farmskins is a household name for all CSGO case-opening fans. It’s now a reputable site that runs according to all legislation norms and provides customers with a secure type of betting.

Farmskins main page

About Farmskins

As we’ve already said, Farmskins is a popular gambling website that successfully stood the test of time. In this paragraph, we’ll enlighten you on how the site actually works. Users are known to have better odds profiting on Farmskins than on other gambling platforms, but the site has a larger house edge. What is the house edge? It is a term used to describe the mathematical advantage that the gambling game, and therefore the commercial gambling venue, has over you as you play over time. This means it is slightly harder to profit on Farmskins. Here are the types of cases you can open on the website.

  • Weapon specific Case ( that usually contains M4A1-S, AK-47, M4A4, AWP, and Pistol)
  • Stattrak Case
  • Quality Only Cases
  • Knives Case

To unbox case, you choose one among the varieties on the site depending on its value. There, you’ll find cases that cost a few cents and hundreds of dollars as well. A case will only open if the sum of coins on your account is equal to the value of the case or exceeds it. Remember, however, that the value of items you get in the end doesn’t always respond to the price of the case.

Bonuses, Referral Codes, and Promotions

Farmskins promo codes, referral codes, and promotions are ways to earn extra money on Farmskins. The website pampers its customers with several generous bonuses. These are not only free daily cases and registration bonuses for the newbies but also bonuses for the referral of friends and bonuses for using an affiliate Farmskins code. How do they work?

When your referrals make deposits to the site, you get 5% of these deposits, and your friends get 90c which they can spend on the website. An affiliate code system works the same. While reading Farmskins reviews, you can find a special affiliate code that you may enter when signing up. These codes bring profit to the website where the promo code is placed and also brings some cool perks for you.

Special Features

Being one of the leading CSGO case opening platforms, Farmskins good platform has something more to offer than a usual case opening. On Farmskins legal website, you can also take part in the following activities:

  • Case battle
  • Contract

To participate in a case battle, you should first join the battle itself, select the cases to bet, define the number of players, and select the type of victory. The latter is only two. Winner – the player with the most precious item gets the victory and loser – the player with the lowest total items value wins)

Then you need to choose the “Create Battle” option and just wait for all the other participants to join the game. This is a win-win game. In case of victory, you get items of all participants from that battle. If defeat, you will still win points for a Daily Giveaway conducted by the site. If you change your mind and want to cancel the battle, just select the “QUIT BATTLE” option on the web page. They return the value of your cases to your account

If you want to “sign” a contract, you need to stick to the following instruction. Choose the unwanted items obtained from cases to get even better items!

Place between 3 to 10 items in the contract, the price of the item received depends on the total value of the items used.

Sign a contract and get your new item or reuse it to get even more expensive items!

Farmskins case battle

Games Offered

On, you’ll find no games. This is a case opening-oriented platform where you can unbox cases with precious rewards. Farmskins site is in the CSGO gambling category; you can earn good money on the site. Some say that the lack of games is a huge advantage of the site’s path to becoming the best CSGO gambling platform, but we don’t think it’s a serious obstacle.

Location & Age Restrictions offers quick and fast registration for every fan of CSGO betting and case opening. The website supports registration from almost all countries; however, there are still individuals prohibited from using the site. If you turn to their Terms and Conditions section, here is what you’ll see there: “No individual under the age of eighteen (18) may use the Service, regardless of any consent from your parent or guardian to use the Service.

Visitors from Belgium, Denmark, or the Netherlands are prohibited from using the Service according to the law of these countries”.

Sign Up / Registration

Farmskins registration can be quickly completed via Steam. At the first visit, they obtain your nickname and avatar from their Steam account. You can change your username and avatar later.

Farmskins registration

Deposit Methods

To deposit money to your account, you can use the G2Pay system. In case your payment is delayed, don’t panic. Payment delay for 5-30 minutes is a normal thing for worldwide online transactions.

Payment Methods And Withdrawal

Farmskins is a well-known website that legally operates in countries all over the world. Thus, they offer a wide range of payment options, including G2A Wallets, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Skrill, Alipay, Union Pay, Webmoney, Cryptocurrency, Qiwi, PayPal, WeChatPay, so everyone can choose a convenient one.

The mechanism to get withdrawn items is not complicated. On your profile page, you’ll see an “ACCEPT” button near the item you want to withdraw to. Click it, and you will receive your items via a trade offer URL, which you can find on your Steam account. All you need to do is to accept the trade request from the site’s bot.

Privacy And Security

Privacy and security are crucial elements for all gambling websites. First, what you need to remember is that when money is involved, security issues can’t be compromised. If you have any doubts about the decency of the site, you’d better don’t use it. So how are things going on Farmskins betting site?

Firstly, is Farmskins legit as a betting platform? It was launched in 2016 and was admitted to receive more than a quarter of a million page views each month by SimilarWeb. Besides, it often sponsors major CSGO events.

Second, the website operates on a reliable SSL encrypted connection to protect your sensitive data from hackers’ attacks.

Third, remember that the security of all your passwords is your responsibility. The site can’t protect your account if your login and password are in any third party’s hands.

Customer Support

Customer service is essential if you want to maintain the site’s reputation and credibility. A professional customer support team is more important than you can ever imagine. In case you face any challenges while surfing, you can contact the customer service team live. They also direct their users to write them on email [email protected] or more frequently redirect them to the FAQ section. We also recommend you to check their FAQ before contacting them via live chat. Who knows, maybe your question was already asked by multiple customers hundreds of times.

Final Verdict

Farmskins is a successful website that has proven its reputation with time. It’s in a gambling category and offers you purchase some really expensive CSGO inventory and take part in the site’s special features like case battle and contracts. Farmskins is a trusted platform with an impressive amount of visitors per month. It’s safe and legit, and thus, you’re guaranteed to get all your winnings fast and fairly.

Farmskins daily bonus

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Farmskins App For Mobile?

No, currently there is no Farmskins mobile app. Maybe, in the future, an app will be available to download for both Android and iOS users. Now, you can enjoy a well-optimized mobile version of the site.

Is Legit?

Yes, Farmslins is a legit gambling platform. We think so because it strictly follows the rules of prohibiting an underage betting and runs on a secure SSL encryption system. Besides, it’s known to have more than a quarter of a million page views each month and provides sponsorship for CSGO tournaments. We have no reason to doubt its legitimacy.

What Games Can I Play On Farmskins?

On Farmskins, there are no CSGO gambling games like CSGO coinflip or blackjack. This is a case unboxing platform, and so everything on the site revolves around cases. You can take part in case battle and contract features on Farmskins to win really precious game items.

Is Farmskins Any Good?

Yes, Farmskins is good for CSGO betting fans, and those want to win some extra money investing minimum efforts. Of course, you won’t always win the rarest and high-valued items. All in all, would it still be a gambling platform if things were going otherwise?

Farmskins Details

Deposit Methods:
Withdrawal Methods:
3.5 rating

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