• You can bet directly on skins without having to exchange them on coins
  • Supports registration from most of the states
  • Different kinds of bonuses available
  • No live chat support
  • No WTFskins app for mobile
  • Their FAQ section could be more extended
  • Not many favorable WTFskins reviews by real users
  • No withdrawing through crypto

There are no gambling websites with only positive reviews and a flawless reputation. In this review, we’ll uncover the truth about a well-known skin betting service-WTFskins. Here, you’ll read everything you need to know about the site before registering, including its betting options, payment methods, and, of course, ways to earn money. We hope that the following information will help you to make an informed decision.

In A Nutshell / Short Summary

Wtfskins has a selection of games to wager, a wide range of deposit methods, free registration, and pleasant bonuses. No wonder why this website has attracted our attention. We have gathered information to create an honest review of the WTFskins site. Stay with us and check out what we’ve found.

WTFSkins main page


Wtfskins is a gambling website where users can wager and consequently win skins while playing several games (roulette, crash, and jackpot). To join the site, you need to log in via your Steam account, make a first deposit, and choose a game (or a few) you prefer to play. Here you can try to earn precious skins by playing roulette, jackpot, and crash. You should know, however, that regardless of the fact that you log in via Steam, the site is not affiliated with Valve in any way. is also known for its active community, and so you won’t have to wait for long to find an opponent and start a game.

Bonuses, Referral Codes, And Promotions

Bonuses symbolize the generosity and client-oriented policy of any website. Thus, every gambling platform pampers its users by offering them different kinds of bonuses, promotion systems, giveaways and etc. Websites do everything to encourage users to further betting. WTFskins is not the exception. Here is a list of those bonuses you get by the site.

Wtfskins Registration Bonus

You confirm it when entering a WTFskins promo code when creating an account. The second use of this Wtfskins code is impossible.

Daily Bonus

The amount of daily bonus depends on your level on the WTFskins site. You will receive between $ 0.02- $ 144.10 in free balance on the site every day!

Twitter Bonus

You may have already guessed how to receive it. Simply link your Twitter account and follow the site account on Twitter and get prepared to be pleased with extra money on your profile.

Special Features

WTFskins has a special currency named Gems. Gems can be purchased by the deposits made by the site. These gems can be used to get skins or make more bets. You should be well aware that if you play with gems, then you are going to be paid in Gems.

Games Offered


CSGO crash is a truly addictive game for those who don’t mind tickling their nerves and taking a risk. In this game, everything depends on you and your capacity to feel the line and stop right in time. The principle of the game is simple; you can get started within a few minutes. When playing, you’ll see a graph (multiplier) increasing, doubling, or even 10x the sum of your bet. It can sometimes reach unprecedented sums, but more often, it crashes when it reaches x1.2 or x2, and so you lose everything if not stop before.


One more popular type of CSGO gambling. Virtual roulette doesn’t significantly differ from the one you play in real life. Usually, the table you have to play contains an equal number of red and black numbers and zero that is often painted green. On, there are 7 black and 7 seven red numbers. A “black” or “red” winning bet doubles your bet, and zero will let you earn much more than you’ve wagered. While there are a lot of tactics recommended winning CSGO roulette (f.i. Martingale, Simple Scott’s Gun and Run Martingale, the Paroli system), none of them gives you a 100% guarantee to get the victory.


It’s a classic CSGO casino game which gives you chances to win even if investing low valued skins. The game starts when every gamer has placed the bets, and the RNG decides the winner of the round. The more expensive skins, items, or just the more money you add to the pot, the higher are your chances to win. Don’t think actually that the winner is the one who’s invested the most. The sum of your bet only projects your chances, but whoever chosen by the computer takes the pot.

Location & Age Restrictions

WTFskins betting website has certain restrictions and so can’t be used by certain groups of individuals. First, it has a Minimum Age Requirement. is offered and available to users who are 18 years of age or older and of legal age to form a binding contract with the Company.

Second, when deciding on joining the website, you should know about location restrictions imposed. The owner of the Website is based in the state of Maryland in the United States. In their terms of use, they clearly state the following information “We make no claims that the Website or any of its content is accessible or appropriate within or outside of the United States. Access to the Website may not be legal by certain persons or in certain countries. If you access the Website, you do so on your own initiative and are responsible for verifying its legality and for compliance with local laws”. As you see, they have no strict list of countries in which citizens are prohibited from registering on the WTFskins website and so you must check it out manually.

Sign Up

WTFskins registration and sign in can be made via Steam. Unlike CSGO, where you create a separate account by providing personal data, WTFskins gathers data from your Steam account.

WTFSkins registration

Deposit Methods

What makes us give credits to the gambling platform is the wide range of deposit methods. Currently, they accept your deposits with Bitcoin, CSGO p2p, CSGO, and Dota 2 items, G2A, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, TF2 Keys, and VISA. What is also great about this platform is that you can bet directly using skins without the necessity to convert them into money or coins.

Payment Methods And Withdrawal

The number of possible withdrawal methods is noticeably smaller than the number of ways through which you can invest your money or game items to the site. These are CSGO p2p, CSGO, Dota 2 items, and TF2 Keys.

Privacy And Security collects and stores your data. There two types of data they collect PII (personally identifiable information) and non-PII (non-personally identifiable information (non-PII). The PII information includes your full name, address, telephone number(s), and email address that you submit on the. It may also include your Steam account id, link, or similar information that you provide when joining the website. Non-PII is information that identifies your computer and its navigational patterns through the services provided by this Site (but not a specific user). They store a lot of your data but tell nothing about the way they maintain it safe. The only testimony of the site’s safety is the padlock on the left top side of the screen. It means that WTFskins runs on a secure SSL connection making all your passwords and credit card details protected from being stolen by the thieves.

Customer Support

We all know how important customer support is on the site’s way of credibility and trustworthiness. To be honest, on WTFskins the customer support is a weak chain. Apart from an unextended FAQ section, the support contact is not that easy to reach. You can contact them on [email protected] but have to wait for hours and days to get a response.

Final Verdict

So, while creating this review, our mission was to deliver you the truth about the WTFskins website. We believe that only having estimated its pros and cons, can you make a deliberate decision whether to register or look for another gambling service. Wtfskins is a legit and fair gambling website. Besides, it’s amongst the leading platforms when it comes to CSGO betting. There are some of the popular games you can play with ease without exchanging skins and a wide variety of payment methods to choose from. With everything mentioned above as well as with bonuses and giveaways conducted on a regular basis, WTFskins will surely continue to expand and prosper.

WTFSkins cases

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WTFskins Legit?

Yes, Wtfskins is a legit gambling platform. We can tell by the encryption measures used on the site, the contact address of customer support service, presence on Twitter, and customer feedback on Trustpilot. We have no reason to hesitate about WTFskins’ legitimacy.

How Can I Know That The Results Are Not Rigged?

The website states to be operating under a provably fair system. It means that all the outcomes of games are already generated before the game starts making it impossible to be manipulated.

What Games Can I Play On

On WTFskins legal platform, you can play three popular CSGO games. These are crash, roulette, and jackpot. If you ever played them in a real-life casino, then you’ll immerse into the game fast. If not, it won’t take long before you learn how to play and withdraw first winning items.

Is WTFskins Good To Earn Skins?

Yes, as any other skins gambling platform, WTFskins was designed to help you win CSGO and VGO items. You must also understand that you won’t win all the time, so all you can do is not to let the game obsess you.

Wtfskins Details

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Withdrawal Methods:
4.5 rating

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