• Customer service team works 24/7
  • Dozens of positive Skins.Cash reviews on the Internet
  • The website is accessible in 11 languages
  • The winning sums can be converted to 5 currencies
  • Prices on skins and items are defined automatically
  • An informative and detailed FAQ section
  • Some users complain about high commission charges
  • No Skins.Cash app for mobile

Skins and other game items have always been a valuable purchase. Even though the majority have no practical value during the game, the rarest of them are sold for incomprehensible sums. If you have saved some items that you think can enrich your pockets, then Skins.Cash is right for you!

In a Nutshell 

Websites like Skins.Cash may appear in your mind when you decide to make profits on those skins that you’ve been saving for a while. So what is the site really about? Can it satisfy the needs of a gamer who wants to exchange CSGO skins or game items for real money? Read this honest Skins.Cash review to learn more about the website and find answers to all these questions.

About Skins.Cash

The idea and the purpose of is quite clear – to help users to get rid of extra items in their inventory and receive an instant payout. The idea of the service is not revolutionary- you log in, choose skins to sell, and get your money via the payment method preferred. But why then has the website become that popular?

First, it’s convenient. You don’t need to beat around the bush looking for a button to click to make the mechanism work. Second, you get an informative response from a professional customer service team hired. Third, they don’t make the users wait to receive fairly earned money. Unlike on other websites, on the platform, you get genuinely INSTANT payouts. If trust the Trustpilot reviews, users get money within a few minutes after the trade is done. It takes a bit longer to receive money on your Visa or Mastercard cards. 

Bonuses, Referral Codes and Promotions

Skins.Cash loves its users. Thus, the site pumpers every customer with generous bonuses and promotions. Apart from selling items and getting a Skins.Cash code for every trade, any user can also get free CSGO skins on Skins.Cash gambling site. After that, decide for yourself if to use them in the game or sell for real money. It doesn’t take much to join their giveaway program and get the chance to win some awesome prices like free TF2 items, CSGO skins, H1Z1 items, cool Dota 2, and PUBG items.

Participate in weekly giveaways by completing simple tasks like sharing Skins.Cash posts on your social media page in order to get a Skins.Cash promo code. Each task performed gives you a certain number of entry points. The more points you have, the higher your chances to win are.

Special Features

Spend your skins, not your money. The platform also enables several sweet features. If you like watching Twitch gaming streams — then you can use skins as a payment method on Twitch! We found this feature truly awesome!

Besides, the website implemented an opportunity to make wholesales. Use their API to trade skins. The site offers you excellent conditions and bonuses. To get more details, email their wholesalers at [email protected]. Also, you can contact the online support chat on the site for further cooperation and partnership.

Games Offered

The site is not gambling but a trading platform. It enables you to sell skins that you already have but not win now. Thus, the website supports items from several games including well-known CSGO and DOTA2. 

Location & Age Restrictions

If you have any skins or items to sell, you’re welcome to make it safely on Skins.Cash good website. The site is only for the adults, you must be 18+ to be able to perform deals in the site. Being honest, we found no information about country restrictions, so you’d better check it manually before using the service.

Skins.Cash Registration

To join a website’s community, you only need to sign in via the Steam account. As you see, the website has made everything to help you join the site as fast as possible. When deciding on selling skins and items, a complicated registration process is the last thing that should concern you.

Methods and Withdrawal 

Skins.Cash is a website where you can instantly sell your CSGO skins and H1Z1 items. On Skins.Cash legal website, you can deposit and receive money for your CSGO items through Qiwi, Webmoney, Bitcoin or get withdrawn cash on Visa or Mastercard card. Notice that in this case, the withdrawal process can take up to 5 business days (it all depends on the bank you use). Below, we have prepared an instruction on how to sell CSGO items quickly and reliably.

Step 1 – Login via Steam 

To sell skins and receive money, you need to log into the site using your Steam account.

Step 2 – Select Skins for Sale

On your Steam inventory choose the skins you want to sell. Then determine a convenient way for you to receive money and confirm the transaction with carefully filling out the form of the payment system,

Step 3 – Get Money Right After the Trade

They make withdrawals to Qiwi, Webmoney, Yandex Money, Visa, and Mastercard. Having received the money, you automatically become a member of the site’s bonus system which gives you a profit for selling skins in the future.

Privacy and Security

Skins.Cash is all about safety and security. First, this is an officially registered company that values its reputation and takes care of customers’ safety and trust. 

To persuade you in transparency and guarantee 100% safe deals for selling CSGO items, they take a few precaution steps. So you don’t have to worry too much about the questions “Is Skins.Cash legit or not?”

When you transfer skins to the site’s bot through Steam, you’ll see the number of the deal. The same number will also be duplicated in the letter that will come to your email. This is a unique transaction code that cannot be faked and by which the transaction status can be tracked. All transactions are monitored by the site’s security system, and those that evoke doubts become subject to a thorough personal analysis.

It’s important! The website will never message you on social networks offering to purchase items from you for double the price, send dubious links and etc. Your security is the site’s main priority. Please, perform all the transactions only on their official website.

Customer Support

Professional customer support plays a significant role in the operation of any decent website. Those platforms that realize how important it is to retain users’ trust will not spare money for the customer service team. To get an informative response to any issue you have, contact them via the feedback form on the site, or email. Their 24/7 support is always happy to assist you. 


We hope that this review on Skins.Cash betting platform has solved all your questions regarding the site. Now when you have found out much more about this service, you can make a firm decision whether to join the platform’s community. If you need our final thought, we strongly recommend this service as one of the fairest and most convenient for selling game items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Trust Skins.Cash Website?

First, the website operates transparently. Second, it has numerous positive reviews on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Steam, Insta). Third, their customer support works 24/7 so you will get answers to all your questions regarding the site’s work at any time of the day and night. You have no reason to doubt the site’s fairness.

What Skins Can I Sell on the Service?

The website will buy only those skins and items that cost more than 0.03 EUR and have value to the gaming community. The selection of the items is made by a dynamic algorithm. If the service can’t buy some of your skins, we recommend checking the site a bit later. The situation may change at any time.

How Does The Site Define Prices For Skins?

Prices for skins are generated automatically. The service gathers data from other trading platforms, including Steam. After a deal is complete, you will receive your money within 15 minutes within Webmoney, Pay.Skins.Cash, QIWI, VISA, Master Card, and even Bitcoin.

Why Can’t I See My Skins?

Don’t worry, the site’s filter simply doesn’t display items that the site won’t purchase from you. It's done for your convenience. The principle of the filter is very simple: the service won’t buy CSGO items that are not popular among the CSGO community and those that have a dubious pricing policy in the skin market (for example, if there has been a recent drastic change in items’ value).


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