• The site uses a secure SSL connection
  • CsDeals has payment methods that offer "money-back service".
  • Cryptocurrency is accepted for deposits and withdrawals
  • They charge really low fees when you make deposits or withdrawals
  • No live chat support
  • No reviews on other betting platforms
  • Support is hard to reach
  • Not much favorable reviews on Trustpilot

In A Nutshell is an item-marketplace aimed at providing you with only fair trading experience. It has been existing for 4 years and since that time received contradicting reviews from users and almost 0 attention from professional reviewers. This all makes the site’s popularity and legitimacy a topic of heated discussion and made us draw our attention on this betting platform. So what to expect from registering on the service and how to get the maximum profit out of it? Keep reading, we’ve prepared something interesting for you!


So as you know, Csdeals has never been a favorite skin betting website for review writers. Hence, we managed to create this Csdeals review relying on our own impression from the time spent on this skin betting website. 

According to the Csdeals reviews, the very first thing we’d like to admit about the site is the design. The website is performed in dark shades that don’t distract you from the main purpose of the site. In 2019 the site was greatly upgraded. They added a new front page with a ton of search filters and menus to easily browse the items you are looking for! The Csdeals app, unfortunately, is not available. 

Notice that item betting on this website as it has a few nuances to figure out for a problem-free time on the site. There are on-site and tradelocked items on Csdeals. With a detailed description of all of them, you can get acquainted at the FAQ section at the bottom of our review

Bonuses, Referral Codes And Promotions

As far as there’s not much on the Internet about the Csdeals website and any CsDeals promo code or any CsDeals code, we only managed to find out that this skin betting website you can earn free CSGO skins by completing offers and by joining free giveaways that roll every few hours. You’d better follow them on social networks not to miss any promotions and offers by the Csdeals site.

Special Features

CSdeals is the first skin betting website to combine a real money skin marketplace with a trade bot. On the Csdeals good platform, you can both sell and buy CSGO skins. 

You can buy CSGO skins at huge discounts (-40%) using numerous different payment methods.

You can sell CSGO skins for real money at ridiculously low fees and withdraw the money using the method you prefer.

You can also trade or exchange CSGO skins. The mechanism is quite different in this case.

  • Log in on the Csdeals gambling website
  • Select the items you want to trade from your inventory to add them to your offer.
  • You also need to select items from the site’s inventory.
  • Notice that the item prices are shown on the items and the value of your offer needs to be at least the value of the items you chose from the site’s inventory.
  • If you choose a more-value item from Csdeals than your own inventory, trade-tokens on your account will automatically be used to make up for the difference for the trade.
  • After deciding on items you want to trade, click the TRADE button. A trade offer will be sent to you via Steam. If the items you selected are on different Steam bots, they will be sent after you accept the first trade offer, because they can’t all be included in the same offer.

Games Offered

Except for the traditional CSGO skins and knives, on Csdeals you will also find Dota2 and Rust items to sell, purchase, and exchange. Check out the official skin betting website to see the variety of items from the site’s inventory and get impressed by their amount.

Location & Age Restrictions

Yes, Csdeals seems to be a reliable betting platform. It’s not in the gambling category and doesn’t promise to award you with generous prices just for your deposit and stroke of luck. Csdeals is about fair trading. No transparent trading website wouldn’t allow minors to use their betting platform. Same with Csdeals. It tries to prevent underage betting and you must be 18+ to be able to use the site’s services.

Csdeals Registration

When entering the CsDeals website, on the top right corner you will see a green button that invites you to sign in through Steam. Steam is tightly connected to all CSGO skins gambling platforms and so it’s enough to have an account on Steam to start trading, selling, or buying items with Csdeals. Notice that the sign in process can be completed absolutely for free.

Deposit Methods

You can deposit money to your money-balance using many different payment methods at their Deposit & Withdraw page (currently, PayPal, Skrill, G2A PAY, and Bitcoins are accepted for deposits). You can use the deposited balance to buy trade-tokens for the trading bot there as well. Csdeals supports PayPal deposits in Euro € and USD $ with no conversion fees! Please keep in mind that the site charges fees for deposits. For example, deposit fees on Bitcoin are 0% and on G2A PAY it depends on the payment method you choose.

Payment Methods And Withdrawal 

There are two types of balance you have on CSdeals. These are the so-called cashoutable and uncashoutable. Not hard to guess that cashoutable balance is cash that you can withdraw using the available payment methods or spend it on the marketplace. Money from real money marketplace item sales will go to your cashoutable balance. Uncashoutable balance, on the contrary, is money that comes from your deposits and it can only be spent, not withdrawn.

Their aim is to always provide the lowest fees of all similar services. Same as with the deposit money, the site will charge fees for the withdrawal. Cashout fees on the skin betting website depend on the payment method you’ve preferred. For SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) it’s 1% of the total sum, while the Bitcoin charges are 2% + $2.86 (changes frequently). 

Privacy And Security

The legitimacy of the skin betting website is one big question that remains unsolved, so many users wonder “Is CsDeals legit or it is not”. We found no testimony that the site has a license to operate. However, the site seems impeccable in terms of security. It uses a Secure Sockets Layer (normally called SSL) connection which is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client. It means that all your sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login credentials are transmitted securely. When entering the website, check the left top corner of the search bar. There you’ll see a padlock which means that your stay on CSdeals is safe.

Customer Support

On skin betting websites like where everything revolves around money, it’s essential to know that is a case of any issue you’ll receive a professional backup. The best way to reach the customer support team is via the skin betting website chat or their Steam group chat. You can also notify them on Twitter or email them at [email protected]

They strongly recommend to include as much information about your issue as possible to get a response within the shortest time. You should at least include the link to your Steam profile.

Final Thoughts 

Having summarized everything mentioned, we can make an impression of a Csdeals gambling site as of a secure betting platform. They have almost everything to satisfy a demanding customer- a variety of payment methods, games offered, low charges for deposits, and withdrawals, and a multilingual skin betting website version. Yes, there are some things about that definitely need improvement, but we believe that they’ll solve all the issues in the nearest feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Csdeals Special?

Csdeals is the first gambling service that operates as a trade bot website and a real money skin marketplace combined. You can sell your CSGO skins for trade-balance like you would do on an advanced trade bot, or you can sell them for real money and buy them like you would on a marketplace.

What’s On-Site Inventory?

The thing is, at CS.DEALS account, you have its own inventory which is called on-site inventory for storing Steam items. You own these items, but they are not on your Steam account. To make any transactions with your on-site inventory, you should follow the same algorithm as you do with your Steam items.

Where Can I Find My On-Site Inventory?

You can find your on-site inventory on the My Inventory Page. Your on-site inventory items are also shown in your item list before your Steam items and you can identify them from the icon.

What Are The Tradelocked Items And How Can I Benefit From Them?

Tradelocked items are items that currently can’t be traded on Steam. The process of receiving profit from them is pretty simple. You just trade these items from the site’s trading bot in the same way you trade any other CSGO skins and items. All the items will be stored in your on-site inventory after the trade is done and you will be able to withdraw them after they become tradable on Steam.

Is Csdeals Legal And Safe?

Yes, Csdeals is absolutely safe to use. It uses an SSL connection to ensure that all your sensitive data are safe from being intercepted. Besides, this SSL technology is excellent for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client. As you see, there’s no reason to deny the site’s safety.

CsDeals Review Details

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