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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CSGO is a First-Person Shooter (FPS) game that consists of five players, each from the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist team. The main objective of the game is to kill each other or by planting or defusing the bomb to win. And since its establishment in 2011, CSGO has gained a wide range of advent followers and gamers worldwide. Because of its massive promotion and advertisement in all betting establishments and esports organizations, it prospers the betting side of the game. Which today, one can see a lot of esports tournaments and daily matches in a single CSGO gambling site and offer a lot of betting games one can choose from, including CSGO coinflip.

CSGO Coinflip History

CSGO Coinflip is one of the ancient types of gambling as it originally came from the widely known culture of the Romans back from 7th Century BC, where it is being interpreted of the chance outcome as the expression of the divine will. Coin Flipping is one of the reasons why CSGO gambling sites have this, as this allows players to gamble a 50-50 chance on winning great odds or purely lose. This type of game also depicts 1v1 in real life is always risky, but if faith favors you, then you have a high chance to win.

Besides, a player can either create or join an existing coinflip round in a gambling site lobby. Though, joiners do not have the chance to pick which to bet as the site system would always automatically bet on the other side from its opponent. It is also noted that when each player chooses a side to gamble, they are required to compensate between 95% to 105% of the game’s skin betting value.

So, if a player bets in-game skins in different CSGO coinflip sites with a total worth of $100, the player would also expect to double its winnings with a 50-50 chance within seconds. And if the player wins that round, he or she can keep the wager while receiving the opponent’s bet. This is why CSGO bet coinflip is very popular because of its high chances of winning within seconds.

CSGO Coinflip Sites

Top 3 CSGO Skin Coinflip Sites Review


CSGOEmpire is one of the best CSGO skin coinflip sites as they not just offer coinflip gambling but also other types of betting you love to play. And you are in luck as CSGOEmpire provides a quality service of the coinflip platform that offers a lot of benefits for their players.

One of the reasons why you should visit and sign up on their website for coinflip CSGO is because you have the option to deposit real money, skins, or even cryptocurrencies. And these will be the basis for your betting and can be exchanged for more valuable in-game skins.

As a website for CSGO coinflip gambling, their interface is top-notch as their design is easy to find your ways navigating the site, and you will be likely to stick around. Their simple yet, the intuitive layout makes the player boost up and spends more time to win some real cash or skins.

If you are a new player to the site, you will be able to avail of their referral codes from various review sites and be able to receive $0.5 for free. This will serve as welcome money for you as their player.

CSGOEmpire supports fair and supports their players as you are in safe hands with them – as they ensure their game modes. And if you have problems and issues with regards to their system or website, their support team is available 24/7 and will make sure you provide the following answers you need.

Lastly, CSGOEmpire offers a wide range of payment and deposit and withdrawal options from your account. If you are into PayPal, G2A, and Bitcoin, they have it. Withdrawing your winnings is simple as you have various cash out options.


If you have visited other review sites, CSGOFast is considered as one of the top tiers CSGO coinflip sites. They are very dedicated to providing their loyal customers and players on their gambling platforms. Even though there is an increase in gambling sites every year, they are able to manage and adapt to offer CSGO casino games that are in trend, like jackpot, roulette games, and much more.

It is also outstanding CSGOFast site layout is simple yet effective as the players can easily choose the different game modes and markets on which they would bet. And every player, even a new one, will always feel easy as CSGOFast has no complicated setups and navigation with its theme.

There is no question if you are new to gambling, you should consider CSGOFast as your go-to CSGO coinflip gambling site as they are one of the most comprehensive selections of gambling games you will ever encounter. Players can’t just engage in simple betting but also have the freedom to make their esports bets on some of their favorite video games.

CSGOFast promotion is when you sign on their website, and you will be able to receive about $1.0 for free when you enter a referral code, which you can also use across their wide range of games. But, if you have a bad start in your betting matches, just being an active player would give you a chance to enter the cup and win some sweet prizes.

Lastly, the site utilizes a few different methods when it comes to making deposits into their website accounts. VGO skins deposits, Dota 2 and CSGO skins, G2A, GameMoney, are a few of the examples of their banking options.

CSGO Coinflip Sites 2023


If you are into cool designs and easy to navigate, CSGO500 is one of the best CSGO skin coinflip sites out there. Also, if you are new to their website, it would be not difficult to navigate and find your ways on their page as their interface design is eye-friendly. Their black and red theme color combination fits the whole mood when you are making a bet or playing other game modes as it is appealing and comforting.

Moreover, CSGO500 has a worldwide chat tab on the left side of the page, allowing players to communicate with other people from different countries. CSGO500 is supreme on its own and top of the game from other gambling sites as they don’t hold back in offering you promotions and bonuses. And if you are a player, you can gain XP by playing in their different games mode as they have a systematic XP modifier, which guarantees you good progress from time to time you play and participate.

What makes their site appealing to place a bet on is they allow you to deposit real money or CSGO skins, or Cryptocurrencies. And you have a lot of options on their deposit methods it may be:

  • Bank Transfers
  • Bitcoin
  • VISA Mastercard
  • Paypal
  • Game Money
  • ECOPayz
  • And so much more

CSGO500 also features tight security on your deposits. From the moment you register on their website and deposit an amount of money or in-game skins, this requires a steam authenticator and other protocols for your safety. You can also visit their Private Policy area, where it explains there the well-being of their users.

Lastly, if you have issues and problems with regards to your deposits or withdrawals, their customer support is available 24/7. You just have to submit a ticket and send it to the admins.

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