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CSGO is an extremely popular shooting game from the first-person vision that captivated the hearts of millions of players. First launched in 2011, CSGO has never lost popularity.

For the past years, esports were included in the list of official types of sports, and esports odds are the common practice in the modern world. Mostly, the users prefer Counter-Strike and Dota-2 rather than any other online games which make CSGO match betting one of the most prosperous branches in the market of esports gambling. No matter if you’re a fan of the game or only interested in wagering on CSGO, we’re here to enlighten you on all the aspects of successful esports gambling.

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How To Choose CSGO Match Betting Sites?

The best CSGO match betting sites have one thing in common: they’re all absolutely convenient to use. Some of the sites like Betway offer a welcoming bonus of up to 100% from the first deposit for every new member. How much you’ll earn directly depends on how much you invest and the coefficient of the match. To choose a truly decent website dedicated to CSGO match betting, remember a few simple questions you should ask yourself before the signup. First of all, check if the website is legal and so is not prohibited by the legislation of your state. Only those websites that work officially can provide you with a hassle-free betting experience.

Secondly, choose the websites whose major specialization is esports wagering. As usual, they offer a far more diverse range of options like bet skins on CSGO matches, so why choosing a site that has almost nothing to do with esports betting if there’re plenty of services that can provide you with the most exciting practice on esports betting, including CSGO.

Thirdly, take to account the withdrawal options. Sooner or later, you decide to get the money you won from CsGo match betting, and so make sure the site’s deposit and withdrawal conditions are suitable for you.

We understand that doing the research on your own is a time-consuming process; hence, we have already done it for you. Further, you can find the list of the best CSGO betting sites.

What Types Of Betting Can I Make On CSGO?

The most popular bets on CSGO is the winner of the match. You can also wager on the total amount of rounds in the match, the accurate score, 1 – Knife Round Winner, 1st Pistol/2nd Pistol Round Winner, First Kill, and First to 5 rounds that are in fact, the toughest type of a bet, even though it sounds pretty easy. Additionally, there are the typical esports types of bet that are also peculiar to CSGO (f.e. the outright winner and groups or region of the winner). Besides, CSGO offers a special type of bets called the handicap bets or spread bets as the Americans say. What’s special about the handicap wagering is that the bookies give the advantage to the disabled, making the odds a bit more even. The difference between the usual bets and the spread bets is still easy to notice.

Is Cs Go Match Betting Worth It?

If you think that CSGO match betting is nothing but a way to waste time and sometimes money, you’re far from the truth. This is a promising industry, especially popular in the United States. Everyone can learn to play Counter-Strike, but not everyone can learn to play it well. CSGO betting is the real adrenaline splash. You’ll never know what the game turns out to be, what odd will bring you success, and what team will celebrate the win.

Not all esports is worth it, definitely. However, in 2023 Counter-Strike is still doing well and, thus, the CSGO Major Championships are the most awaited competitions in the world of esports. For example, the ESL pro league that took place on the 16th of March has attracted thousands of players and bettors who are passionate about the game. The upcoming ESL One in Rio in 2023 is about to become the most expected event in the world of esports betting. Don’t miss the opportunity to get richer within a few unsophisticated manipulations.

Tips On How To Do CSGO Match Betting

Make Your Research

Good intuition is a useful thing, but not when it comes to esports betting. Doing small research is always a good idea if you’re going to wager money. CSGO betting is not all about predicting the winner of the match. The market of CSGO match betting offers an impressive variety of types of bets, so you can choose any of them and make good money out of it if only you get acquainted with the game a bit better. Analyze the statistics of teams, watch how they performed in the past tournaments, and only after that make a decision. Unlike online gambling, esports betting is not only a matter of luck but also your analytical abilities and the

Watch A Few CSGO Matches

How are you going to bet on Counter-Strike if you have never watched the CSGO matches? If This is the best way to see how the game is developing and what aspects to consider before investing your money. Even if you have no opportunity to watch the match live, you can always look for the recorded broadcasts on YouTube or specialized CSGO match betting sites.

Become A Part Of The Game

As usual, the most successful CSGO bettors are experienced gamers. It doesn’t mean that you should learn to play from the very beginning, but the understanding of the game is essential in any kind of esports betting. Besides, the players can bet on CSGO skins. CSGO match betting skins can be purchased for real money or got after the successful completion of the game.

No Excessive Emotions

Switch off the emotions while making a bet. No kidding, be sure you make the informed decision which you’ll not regret 10 minutes later. Besides, we strongly discourage you from ignoring the facts and spontaneous decision-making. In some cases, the sixth sense knows better, but only very few lucky men have won on the draw being led by intuition or emotions.

Where to Bet On CSGO Matches?


What’s Good About Betway.com?

  • Apart from CSGO betting option, the website offers a wide range of additional spheres for wagering;
  • The design on the site looks stylish;
  • Betway offers a bonus for every new user and doubles the sum of the first deposit;
  • The website has taken high-security measures, providing the users with undeniable safety;
  • Betway.com is straightforward to use, everything on the site can be done within a few clicks;
  • Registering on Betway, you get a hassle-free deposit and withdrawal options;
  • Betway is legal in a wide range of European countries.

What’s Bad About Betway.com?

  • You need to wager on the bonus money before you decide to withdraw it.
  • The complicated withdrawal process may well discourage users.


What’s Good About The Egb.com?

  • Streaming of the best CSGO matches is available
  • This an esports-aimed platform that offers the bettors the wide range of esports to bet on
  • The verification of the account is not compulsory
  • Unlike some other CSGO match betting sites, it is empowered with convenient withdrawal and deposit methods
  • Egb welcomes every user with generous bonuses and promotional options

What’s Bad About The Egb.com?

  • There’s not much information about the safety measures implemented on the site, so there’s no guarantee that Egb.com is absolutely safe.


What’s Good About Arcanebet.com?

  • Arcanebet can boast of an easy-to-use interface and the informative homepage
  • The website is performed in modern blue and black colors
  • There over 14 esports games to bet on, including CSGO match betting
  • Arcanebet.com is a bitcoin-friendly website, and it also accepts other payment methods

What’s Bad About Arcanebet.com?

  • Arcanebet is not specifically targeted on esports; it also has live sports betting & casino options
  • The website is only available in five languages (English, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, and Russian).

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What’s Good About Pinnacle.com?

  • Provides high odds on CSGO match betting as well as other esports.
  • To register on Pinnacle.com, you have to confirm your identity by submitting the ID card, so it eliminates the chances of underage betting on the website.
  • The site uses the 128-bit encryption system to provide undeniable safety to the users.

What’s Bad About Pinnacle.com?

  • Just like the Arcanebet, Pinnacle.com is not all about match betting CSGO.
  • There’s no mobile application to make the site convenient to use on the go.

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