CSGO Spinwheel: Try Your Luck And Win Great Skins

What Are Lucky Wheels?

The Lucky Wheel: a game as old as time. It has been a classic of betting way before esports were invented, and a punters’ favorite since forever because of its simple yet engaging mechanic. Bet your money on the wheel and spin: according to where the marker ends, you either win or lose. It’s a matter of pure luck.

Since the birth of esports and the development of CSGO as a pillar in the betting system with the introduction of in-game cosmetics, the Lucky Wheel landed in the world of online betting too.

How To Spin In CSGO

Even though the dynamics might change from website to website, the mechanics of CSGO Wheel spins are pretty much always the same.

  1. Register on the site of your preference, better if through your Steam account since the skins you win/trade will go to your inventory.
  2. Deposit skins on the website you chose.
  3. Place a bet of a selected amount on the wheel you feel will be the lucky one.
  4. Click on “Spin” and wait for the fate to say if you won or not, depending on where the marker ends up being.

Of course, everything is more fun with friends, so always try to look for the website, which gives you the option to play the multiplayer version of the Lucky Wheel instead of the sometimes boring, singleplayer one.

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CSGO Lucky Wheel Codes

Promo codes are always great when it comes to casino-type games, as they allow you to try them out without committing much into them. Perfect for newcomers to understand how things go and get the hang of it.

The internet is the perfect place to get codes. You can find them simply by visiting a betting website or by checking out an article specifically about CSGO codes. Of course, remember that the majority of them will not be available forever, so pay attention to the date they were released. You can redeem these codes directly from the website you want to use to play Lucky Wheel.

Best CSGO Lucky Wheel Sites

A lot of betting websites specialized in skin gambling offer to their customers a series of minigames, and these include the Lucky Wheel. However, we have to say that, to date, we haven’t seen it featured among as many websites as we thought. We thought about writing a list of the best and most reliable websites in which you can find such a feature.

  • Hellcase. Overall a great website for case openings; it is a good option for every minigame related to it too, Lucky Wheel included. Safe and decent on all aspects, you can’t go wrong with Hellcase.
  • CSGOEmpire. Probably a fan favorite when it comes to the spinwheel, and good reasons. Legitimacy, great bonuses, lots of players competing, and a very high reputation.
  • CSGOFast. The name says it all: their fast withdrawal times are what prides them the most. If you are most interested in this aspect and want your winnings to be delivered to you as fast as possible, then such a website is perfect for you.
  • CSGO500. One of the oldest skin gambling sites on the internet, it is most appreciated for the incredible amount of promotions available. Not every website gives you 500 free coins as soon as you register.
  • CSGORoll. Nothing too exceptional, but it still provides players with nice and legit experience. Try the CSGO Wheel of Fortune and enjoy the prizes they offer in case of victory.

Payment Options

The betting websites we listed, as well as many others, accept every major form of deposit methods: debit and credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, e-wallets like Skrill and Netller, and various cryptocurrencies nowadays. Remember to always check if your preferred payment option is available on the website.

Concerning withdrawals, websites will generally let you withdraw skins and items, in some cases, even cryptocurrency.


The Lucky Wheel is the perfect example of how successful simple things can be. A part of gambling since gambling was a thing, the concept of the Lucky Wheel conquered many ambitious punters and became worldwide known.

Now, with the arrival of esports and the cosmetic system implemented by Valve in its game, the wheel shows that it was able to transition to the esports world perfectly.

Understanding the mechanics of the minigame is extremely easy, but if you feel like giving it a try before seriously getting into it, then try a referral code.

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