CSGO Raffle Sites: All The Options For Winning

Raffles are among the most basic types of some sort of gambling. Available everywhere, CSGO betting sites didn’t let this option slip, and now there are a lot of them which offer such function to their customers.

However, Raffle is a general word, as there are many different types on offer. In our review, we will go through the most popular ones, as well as give you tips on what websites to prefer and how to make your CSGO Raffle experience the best possible.

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CSGO Skin Raffle

CSGO Classic Raffle

Even though this is the more traditional type, it isn’t as common in CSGO raffling as you would imagine.

To play, first of all, register on the website. Then, you have to purchase a ticket for the item being raffled; you want to win. Do it by using coins. The rest is fate’s work: a random ticket will be chosen, and the holder of such a ticket wins the skin.

CSGO Case Opening Raffle

The Skin Raffle is definitely the most popular option in CSGO betting websites since it involves a fans’ favorite: cases. This mode is played like the classic one; the difference lies in the fact that, in the case of a win, you don’t receive an item, rather the chance to open a case and thus ruffle skins. These cosmetics are often of greater value than your bet, which makes this Raffle mode incredibly fun and rewarding.

Raffle Trades CSGO

Last but not least, although not featured in many CSGO Skin Raffle sites, the Trade-Up option is nonetheless an interesting one, although a bit complicated. Players decide the amount of coins they want to trade for a skin chosen in the site’s inventory, and the bet is set. The chance of a player winning is based on the amount of the bet and the price of the particular skin.

Where To Play This Mode

Here is a list of a few safe, reliable and advantageous CSGO Raffle sites.

  • CSGOEmpire. Renowned as being one of the best offers a lot of options to its customers alongside many bonuses and promotions.
  • Thunderpick. Many payment options available, perfect if you want to combine playing jackpot games like CSGO Raffle with real esports betting.
  • CSGOFast. Focused on providing the fastest withdrawals possible, overall, a good option for everything regarding CSGO skins.
  • Gamdom. Perfect, especially if you’re interested in Raffle trades on CSGO, as it is one of the few that still supports that option.
  • CSGORoll. On the scene for many years, complete a legit website with many CSGO features.

A Few Tips To Live A Great Experience

We promised some advice on how to raffle skins.

  • Check promo codes out. Referral codes are a great way to get into the dynamics of games without committing too much into it. If you look up a code on the internet, make sure to use it on the corresponding website in order to receive coins. Use these coins to play for free and understand its mechanics.
  • Compare different websites. Especially in regards to bonuses! Different sites have different promotions that vary with time. Before signing up, make sure to understand what the site you chose offers and check out what you could get from other sites. Always make sure you end up, all things being equal, with the best bonus.
  • Remember to always link your Steam profile. When signing up on a website, connect it to your new betting account so that your CSGO inventory will be directly linked. All skins you win will be deposited there, and similarly, all items you want to bet will be taken from there. It’s the easiest and more convenient way to deposit and withdraw.


When it comes to CSGO skins, there is always a way to have fun. Raffle offers a great way to do so. Players have different game modes that they can choose according to their preferences.

Even though skin betting sites are pretty similar in many regards, there are always some personal preferences that will make you choose one over the other. If you care about promotions, CSGOEmpire might be the best choice. If you want to play a specific mode, then check websites such as Gamdom. We care a lot about security, and so should you do, so the raffle skins sites we listed above are 100% legit.

Whatever the option you end up choosing, good luck, and have fun!

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