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Valve’s Cosmetics Model

CSGO is nowadays considered among the most successful esports in the world, with more than 1 million monthly players. Being this successful, Valve, CSGO’s developer could have easily put a price tag on their game. And this was the case since the release until December 2018, when Valve decided to adopt a different marketing strategy.

The game has been free-to-play since then; instead, the way Valve makes money is by selling items and cosmetics, which give gamers no in-game advantage whatsoever but serve only an aesthetic purpose.

The economic model employed quickly triumphed. There are now a lot of different weapons, and models players can acquire in various ways. One of these ways is by trading, i.e., exchanging skins with other players.

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How Do CSGO Trading Sites Work?

The concept of CSGO trading is very simple. You can exchange items either via the official Steam market or via dedicated CSGO trading sites and bet services, but the procedure is very similar in both cases.

  1. Open your account and go to the trading section.
  2. If you’re on Steam, select the user you want to trade with. If you choose a third-party website, you’ll be trading with a bot.
  3. Select the items in your inventory you want to give away and those you want to receive. If you’re using a skin trading site, then you have the chance to trade low tier skins for higher tier ones at the expense of a little commission.
  4. Once matches are done, send the trade and, if using Steam, wait for the user’s response. Otherwise, accept it, and the trade is done.

CSGO Trading Bot

Now that you know the basics about skins trading let’s get straight into the best websites you can do so.

First of all, we have to briefly touch on the Steam market. While it is the official one, and thus the most secure option, it isn’t very advantageous in terms of item trades, skins costs, etc. There are a lot of third-party options that are usually more popular among the CSGO trading community and are way more convenient, without sacrificing safety.

These options are often called “CSGO trading bot sites”, clearly because you will be trading with bots instead of real people, as it instead happens in the Steam market. We reviewed the best bot sites for you here.


csmoney main page

Experts consider it the best CSGO trading site, and there are a few reasons to believe so. Before anything else, we have to say that CSMoney is among the oldest on the scene. It has been operating since 2016 and now counts with more than 70 million trades done.

They pride themselves with a wide skin supply and fast trading times, which are indeed so, and to these features, we have to add many deposit options: MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and especially G2APay.

The website is very clean and easy to navigate. You quickly find the register button, a FAQ section, and their social media to get in contact with them. If you still have any inquiries, you can email them at [email protected].


Don’t get discouraged by the perhaps confusionary look of their website: DMarket offers a great CSGO trading service. Here you can not only trade items but also get cheap CSGO skins in a safe and highly varied environment.

DMarket offers a professional experience for both players and game developers, as the platform offers to the latter a place to build, manage, and grow their own in-game item economy.

Not only a traditional CSGO trading website, then, as it provides all parties with some interesting tools to profit from the skin market.


CsDeals trade skins

A great place for CSGO trading if we consider the incredibly low commission fees they apply: only 1%, the lowest on the market. On the scene since 2016, they are winning the hearts of many passionate players, and the positive reviews we came upon confirming this.

What hooks most users is their legitimacy, and they have been whitelisted on the official CSGO subreddit. The website interface is simple but leaves all the space for what really matters: cosmetics. The variety is certainly huge, and the opportunities are many. If you need any information, you are free to read their FAQ, contact them via Steam live group chat, DM them on Twitter or even email them.



No joking around: SwapGG goes straight to the point. As soon as you visit their website, you’ll be ready to start CSGO trading. Click on “Sign in through Steam” and, once the registration is completed, you can start trading.

SwapGG offers perhaps the simplest way to do so. The home page itself, with a very simple interface, gives you all the tools needed to trade. On top of the page, you get access to some useful tools such as the “Prices” and “Help” sections, which contains all the info you need to know.

They have a wide variety of payment options and are active on all main social media, something that comforts users when it comes to evaluating the safety of the CSGO trading bot.


Everyone wants to look as fancy as possible to show off in front of friends and strangers alike when playing CSGO. That is why the cosmetics system is gaining more and more traction. There are hundreds of CSGO trading opportunities that are extremely favorable for customers.

In this review, we mentioned some of the best websites. If you check them out, you’ll see the registration process is very simple and that after a few minutes, you’ll be able to trade CSGO skins for some of the best out there at the price of a little commission. Hope you get an M4A4!

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