CSGO Upgrade Sites: Get Your Favourite Skin

If you play CSGO, then you are surely familiar with cosmetics and items. For the unaware, Valve introduced a system of skins that give no in-game advantage but serve the only purpose of making your weapons look better.

To get these skins, of course, you have to pay money. And once the money is involved, bookmakers and similar websites start to get interested. There are a lot of betting sites that offer you different ways to get cosmetics at an advantageous price, trade them to receive better ones, or even upgrade them. But what does this mean?

The CSGO Upgrade Function

When we say you can upgrade CSGO skins, we mean that you can get an improved cosmetic for your weapon. Valve itself has its Trade-Up function –the “official” CSGO Upgrade. You deposit 10 skins of the same level to get one skin of the higher rarity. This means you have to invest a lot of time into a function that is pretty limited since you’ll never know exactly what skin you will get.

Instead, by using a CSGO Upgrade site, you only need to deposit one skin, and you may also choose the skin you want to win. If by Trading Up, you eventually end up with one skin, CSGO Upgrade makes things fairly more exciting as you either win the skin you selected or lose the one you bet.

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How CSGO Upgrade Sites Work

  1. Complete the registration process on the site by linking your Steam account.
  2. Browse your CSGO inventory and select the item you want to put the wager on.
  3. Now choose, among the skins the website offers, the one you would like.
  4. See what the odds are and, if you’re ready, click on “Upgrade”.
  5. Good luck! Now you either win the skin you wanted or lose the one you risked.

A List Of Great CSGO Upgrade Sites

There are many websites that offer you the Upgrade function; however, beware: some of them might be scams. At the same time, some popular CSGO sites such as CSGOEmpire don’t have that option altogether. We’ve listed the best sites for CSGO Upgrade for you.

  • DaddySkins. It is a case opening a website that also gives customers the CSGO Upgrade option. It is chosen by users because of their provably fair system, daily promotions, and helpful customer support.

Use a referral code and earn a 5% deposit bonus on your first transaction. Users can deposit either via the G2APay system, paying minimal fees, or use gift cards.

Established in 2017, DaddySkins was among the first CSGO betting websites to implement the provably fair system, which ensures everything on the site is 100% not a scam, from Upgrades to Case Openings, Casinos, and more.

  • Hellcase. Great, numerous, and constantly changed and reinvented promotions and events are some of the perks of this popular site. Reviews show how loved this service is, also because it pays a lot of attention to the safety of transactions and of their customers’ data.

They have been operating since 2016 and have gained the trust of millions of users. It doesn’t cover many payment methods, but their CSGO Upgrade odds are so good that we can forget about that. They have a wide inventory of skins to choose from, and if you’re ever bored, you can enjoy their many casino games available.

  • Farmskins. Contrary to our previous entry, this website gives you several options to deposit money: debit and credit cards, G2APay, Alipay, PayPal as well as for cryptocurrencies.

As a customer, you have at your disposal daily giveaways and bonuses, and their CSGO Upgrade odds are certainly advantageous in comparison to the official Valve ones. FarmSkins has also been actively involved in the CSGO competitive scene, which is one of the factors that shows how much the website cares about players and the game.

The CSGO Upgrade sites listed, and many more as well, offer free coins as bonuses for their customers. Get as many as you can to get perks in upgrading your items.


The Upgrade option is overall a nice alternative to Valve’s option. It gives you the excitement of gambling and, at the same time, gives you great chances of receiving a cool item.

Many CSGO websites dedicate a part of their services to this feature, and the ones we listed are among the best options you can choose from. Check them out, and you’ll be surprised of the varied range of items in their inventory. They are waiting for you!

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