CSGO Betting With Real Money: Join The Action

CSGO is one of the first and most popular esports titles in the world. With such a reputation, there is probably not a single esports gambling website that doesn’t give users the option to bet real money on CSGO.

Apart from trading skins, upgrading cosmetics, and opening boxes, of course, the main betting activity involving CSGO is proper gambling with real money.

In this review, we will quickly go through the way the game is played, what should you look for in a good betting site, and briefly talk about some of the best bookmakers.

The Basics Of Playing CSGO

The game is an FPS (First Person Shooter), developed by Valve and released in 2012. It features 2 teams of 5 players each, Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Their goal is, respectively, to attack and defend the map by planting or defusing bombs and killing the enemies.

In fact, contrary to other FPS titles, players do not respawn during the round, but only at the beginning of a new one. Competitive games are always played in bo3 matches, made up of 30 rounds. The first team to win 16 rounds wins the match. At 15 rounds, players switch teams.

With these premises in mind, it is clear that usually, a pro team wins a round by just killing all opponents. But such a way isn’t the only one:

  • if you’re a Terrorist, you may win if you manage to plant the bomb in one of the two fixed locations and manage to defend it until it detonates;
  • if you’re a Counter-Terrorist, you may win if your team is able to defuse the bomb planted or, even better, prevent the enemy from planting it.

CSGO Real Money Betting Tips

Any good punter aiming at having the best experience possible, especially when they bet real money, must be as informed as possible. Therefore we collected a few tips to help you get started.

  • Check the odds. Constantly compare the odds in a specific betting website but, most importantly, among different ones. This way, you’ll know exactly which bookie has better odds, and if there are significant differences, you need to keep in mind.
  • Know how bets work. There are a lot of types of bets, such as live or outright, and they greatly depend on the website you’re using. Similarly, gambling markets are many and varied. Having a good knowledge of them helps you navigate this ocean of bets and understand what websites are better.
  • Security is your priority. Gambling is fun and adds excitement to the game, but it can be extremely dangerous, especially talking about money. We guarantee we reviewed here only betting bookies that have high-security standards; however, we remind you to always double-check a website, carefully reading their Terms and Policies, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

A List Of CSGO Betting Sites


Among the most established bookies and a community favorite, GGBet is your choice if you’re looking for a great, esports dedicated betting site. Odds are very competitive, definitely at the top level, and on GGBet, you’ll see a lot of markets available, especially when it comes to CSGO.

Get started by receiving a 100% deposit welcome bonus of up to €200 or equivalent. The bookmaker is also very active in the field of CSGO tournaments and events, often sponsoring many of them and offering some interesting promotions related to them. Check their webpage to see what events are running.

Since we’re talking about CSGO real money betting, it’s important to remark that GGBet has all the main options available for deposit and withdrawal, including Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, and Neteller.

This betting website is 100% legit. We say so because the Malta Gaming Authority license GGBet recently acquired makes it a legal and safe operator.


It is one of the biggest gambling operators to bet real money on and counts with more than 2 million users worldwide, betting in both traditional sports and esports.

What makes Betway so appreciated? First of all, a huge variety of markets paired with decent odds. You can choose to bet not only on the typical outright winner but also predict the correct score, specific map winner, first blood, and much more.

Betway esports bonuses are also something customers greatly appreciate. The bookie offers a welcome bonus of 100% on your first deposit and additional bonuses on your second and third ones.

Being a top gambling operator comes with all perks. A quick look at their website, and you’ll see all the options and extra features they have in store, as well as all the licenses and declarations of legitimacy Betway proudly displays. Check them out for a safe, reliable CSGO betting experience.



In the ocean of real money betting sites, Thunderpick offers its customers something a bit more peculiar: pool betting. Players don’t bet against the bookmaker, but against other punters instead. All bets on potential outcomes are placed in a pool. After betting has closed, the bookmaker takes its take and divides the spoils equally between the bettors of the winning outcome.

If interested in this unique way of making your CSGO bets even more entertaining, Thunderpick is the best option. Overall, decent odds and markets alongside various payment methods make it one of the most reliable sites for CSGO betting on real money.


CSGO betting with real money is overall, an exciting experience that, when using the right bookmakers, can be incredibly rewarding. If you’re interested in the game and in its competitive scene, then don’t hesitate and visit one of the websites we reviewed. You’ll see how easy it is to register and start betting on your favorite team or on the strongest players. Good luck, and have fun!

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