CSGO Minesweeper Sites: Avoid Mines And Win Skins!

What Is Minesweeper?

If you’re passionate about video games, you have surely heard this name. A classic from the old days, a gem from the 90s we all used to play on old Windows versions, Minesweeper puts your concentration at test.

You are presented with a grid of covered squares, which can be blank or hide a bomb. Each square shows the player the exact number of mines adjacent to such square. Your goal is to reveal all blank squares, and if you accidentally find a bomb, the game is over.

Sounds fun to you? Then great news. Many CSGO skin betting sites have decided to implement a slightly varied version of Minesweeper, which will grant you skins and new cosmetics if you win.

How To Play CSGO Minesweeper

To start playing, register on the website you prefer and remember to link your Steam account. Place your bet, and you’re ready to start playing.

Usually, CSGO Minesweeper sites present a grid of 5×5 squares. As a player, you can choose whether you prefer to have 1, 3, 5, or 24 active mines in your grid. Proceed to clear out spaces: every time you click on a blank square, you are awarded a return on your stake, proportionally to the mines you chose to have. The higher the bombs hidden, the higher your reward will be. As in the original game, as soon as you click on a mine, you lose the game.

The game adds something more compared to the pure luck of others, such as Roulette or Coin Flip. In those cases, you are playing against fate, and you really have no impact on deciding whether you will win or not. With Minesweeper, however, things change. Even though sometimes you really have to guess, so you still get a sense of gambling, a lot in the game is based on yourself and your big-brain abilities to strategize and beat the system. That is why it is such a popular minigame on CSGO betting sites.

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CSGO Minesweeper Codes

If you are just getting started, then we recommend starting slowly in order to get the hang of the game. This is where promo codes can help you! These codes can be found everywhere on the internet and are provided by betting websites that want to attract new customers. Look at some of these codes up to and visit the corresponding CSGO Minesweeper websites.

As soon as you are there, register and write the code in the available section. Depending on the bonus granted by the code, you’ll receive discounts or coins for free. These coins can be used to play a few games completely for free. Once you have practiced a bit, you will be ready to start betting seriously.

Best Sites For CSGO Mines

Here are the top CSGO Minesweeper sites. Although they share some similarities, they all have their uniqueness. The only thing they all share 100% is legitimacy.

  • CSGOEmpire. Popular CSGO skin betting site, definitely one of the best when it comes to safety and reliability.
  • CSGOFast. The fastest withdrawal available and a wide variety of games so that you are never bored.
  • Roobet. Choose it to get the chance to receive free coins daily, among many other unique bonuses.
  • FarmSkins. Very respectable betting site accepts cryptocurrency payments and has regular promotions and codes.
  • CSGOAtse. Probably the best CSGO betting site if we refer specifically to casino minigames, as it was one of the first websites to implement them.

Deposit Methods

Every Minesweeper CSGO sites have differences; however, in general, most betting websites will accept as deposit your skins, as well as other popular forms of payment, including in some cases, cryptocurrency. The way you deposit skins is done through Steam (hence why we said you should link your account when signing up), and in order for everything to work properly, you have to make sure you set your account to Public.


How Does CSGO Minesweeper Work?

The way it works is like the classic game: in a grid of 5×5 squares, try clearing out all blank spaces without clicking on a bomb, in which case you lose. Every time you click on a square without a mine, you get rewarded.

How To Bet CSGO Minesweeper?

There is no easy way for Minesweeper CSGO betting. You have to use your brain to beat the game. Practice, practice, and practice, better if using promo codes, and you’ll become better with time, developing your own strategies and understanding the game’s mechanics.

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