CSGOAtse: CSGO Skins Betting Made Simple

Want to trade some items in the marketplace? Play some games and bet on skins? Win exclusive skins? Then CSGOAtse is a good site that might be what you have been looking for. The website combines everything related to CSGO skins so that you have case openings, trades, spiwheel, and more, all on the same site.

Customers choose it not only for their wide range of options but also because CSGOAtse is a legal service, in operation since 2017, offering great skins at a good price and accepting all major forms of payment. Let’s dive deeper into all these aspects.


Bonuses and promotions 3
Games offered 5
Deposit and withdrawal options 5
Customer support 2
Security 4
Overall 3.8 / 5

Bonuses, CSGOAtse Code, And Promotions

There are several CSGOAtse bonus promotions, special events, and giveaways you can enjoy on the website. For example, if you go to csgoatse.com and sign up, you will have the chance to get a free bonus by clicking on Affiliate at the menu on top and then on the option “Use Friend’s code”. From there, just enter the CSGOAtse promo code of your choice (you can find many of them online), and you’ll be granted the bonus! This comes in the form of 1000 coins immediately deposited in your account.

When you register, if you consent, you can give your permission to receive periodical communication about current exclusive giveaways or special events so that you never miss the opportunity to win free stuff (which never hurts).

CSGOatse main page

Special Features

CSGOAtse has everything a CSGO skin bettor likes, which includes special features, those that spice up games or, in general, makes everything better. Here are some of these features.

  • Leaderboard. What’s better than seeing your name up there among the best? The website has implemented this function as a means to get punters more involved and competitive. Rise through the ranks by scoring points. These are granted to you whenever you bet at least 2000 coins.
  • Chat window. Connect with other players, exchange info, and feel part of the community. All this is possible thanks to the Chat option available directly on the CSGOAtse site. All you need to participate is an account.

Some other cool features include a News section and the possibility to bet traditionally on sports and esports games.

Games Offered

Major perk of CSGOAtse: a wide variety of games to bet your luck and win CSGO skins.

  • Roulette. Perhaps the most classic one, its concept is very simple. Place a bet on the symbol you think the wheel will stop on. Of course, all symbols look the same–albeit they are of different colors. You just have to wait and see if you got lucky.
  • Blackjack. Inspired by the famous card game, rules are obviously a bit complicated, but in short, you play your cards in order to land at a total value of 21 points or as close as possible. Never above 21!
  • Crash. Basically, the incarnation of the “high risks-high rewards” principle. Place a bet and wait for the multiplier to reach an expected point before cashing-out your profits. The higher the multiplier goes, the higher the risk it crashed, so the higher the reward you could potentially win.
  • Minesweeper. Everyone is familiar with this little gem from the 90s. CSGOAtse has rearranged it a little bit so that you can win skins out of csgo minesweeper. Rules are the same: mine your grid making sure you don’t step in some bomb.
  • Dice. Bet on the number the dice will end up after it spins. You either bet on the exact number or on the possibility of the number being higher or lower than three.
  • Jackpot. Not really a game, but still has to do with odds and your luck. Don’t do anything; just hope you will be eligible for the Jackpot after you did your bet.

Location And Age Restriction

You must be at least 18 years old to play on CSGOAtse. In case the website detects you do not meet this requirement, they reserve the right to immediately restrict your access to the website.

About the location, you are the one responsible for making sure gambling and online casino games are not prohibited in your country. If they are, you cannot access this website, neither if you use software that renders you anonymous. Again, you incur in serious trouble if they find out you are breaking these rules.

CSGOatse create account

CSGOAtse Registration

As for the majority of CSGO skin betting websites, this one too has a very simple and straightforward registration process that goes through Steam. Set your Steam account to Public, then go to csgoatse.com. You cannot view the site if you’re not registered, so a window will pop up to allow you to sign up. Use your Steam credentials and link your account to CSGOAtse. You’re good to go!

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

You can probably deposit on CSGOAtse with everything that comes to your mind right now:

  • Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal
  • Skinpay
  • G2A Pay

and much more, including cryptocurrencies and CSGO skins.

For withdrawals, the options available are, of course, skins (CSGO, Dota 2, H1Z1, Rust). You can also withdraw through the P2P trade.

Privacy And Security

It is not easy to claim with certainty if a skin betting website is safe or not. They don’t need to hold a license like a gambling operator, so many of them don’t have it. However, CSGOAtse is, apart from a CSGO skin betting site, also a traditional bookmaker. Therefore, they are legally licensed by the Government of Curaçao.

Apart from that, there are a few elements that prove their website is secure. First of all, it has been operating since 2017, while any scam websites don’t survive a month. Moreover, the website receives thousands of daily visitors, and it focuses a lot on guaranteeing a safe experience to every user by assuring that all outcomes are purely random.

They are also very active on all social media and have an active Steam group. All these details indicate that it is safe to use this betting service since CSGOAtse is legal and safe.

Customer Support

This is the only aspect we weren’t happy about. In theory, CSGOAtse has what it takes to have excellent customer service. An extensive FAQ available to all users contains an extensive collection of popular questions and relative answers to help anyone in need. In addition to that, there is also a live chat option and the possibility to contact them via email. However, in both cases, customers get copy-pasted responses. The service isn’t really fast and, in many ways, not helpful at all.

In case you need an immediate answer, we suggest you try writing to them on social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, VK. They are very active there and perhaps will help with your inquiry faster.

Pros And Cons

  • A lot of games choices
  • Wide range of payment methods
  • Browser extension against scams
  • No CSGOAtse App
  • Customer support lacking
  • Have to sign up before having access to the website

CSGOatse roulette


This is the end of our CSGOAtse review. Having covered all major aspects of the site and analyzed in detail how it works, we can conclude that, overall, the website offers a great CSGO betting experience. They really work hard in delivering a quality service and are to be praised for the amount of different options, promotions, games they have in store for their customers.

We particularly enjoyed the wide variety of possibilities and the many ways in which users can deposit money. A negative aspect we found with CSGOAtse has to do with the customer support, which we hope will be improved soon. Also, the fact that to see the site you have to register first isn’t something we particularly liked. It’s important to check every aspect and every feature the website has to offer before signing in, and this website doesn’t let you do that. That’s also why we are writing this review!

Apart from that, the website is great for everything CSGO betting related, and we recommend it. If you are not yet sure if signing up or not, you can also check content about CSGOAtse on the internet. You can find several videos showing how bets work, so you have an idea of what to expect before completing the registration.


Is CSGOAtse Legit?

Yes. The CSGOAtse betting service is not only licensed by the Government of Curaçao like any other professional bookie but also has thousands of loyal users, with them since 2017. Adding to that, we have read very positive CSGOAtse reviews on sites like Trustpilot.

Is There A CSGOAtse App?

No, unfortunately, there is not an app. However, if you can’t use the PC version, you can check their website csgoatse.com from your phone or tabet’s browser.

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