Skinhub And CSGO Cases: Worth It Or Not

Skinhub was born primarily to answer a big desire among bettors: new cosmetics. In the CSGO scene, few things are cooler than showing off some new skins. This website allows you to do just that: get the items you want at a fair price.

The site is great for CSGO case opening since it gives customers two options:

  • choose one popular box, already made by the website itself with the most wanted items;
  • create your own box in a quick and effective way by choosing the items you prefer.

It is not ranked among the best CSGO case opening and skin trading websites. This is because the service they offer is pretty basic: nothing else apart from skins and cases. If many websites offer daily bonuses, minigames, and several promotions, Skinhub doesn’t have much variety and only provides traditional, although reliable, CSGO cases.

Skinhub Rating

Bonuses and promotions 1
Games offered 1
Deposit and withdrawal options 3
Customer support 2
Security 2
Overall 1.8 / 5

Bonuses, Referral Codes, And Promotions

As mentioned in the short summary above, the website doesn’t have any bonuses in store for new customers. When you are ready to open a case and start spinning, however, you’ll see the box to put a Skinhub promo code. These referral codes can be found if you look around on the internet, so if you want to get some kind of bonus, that’s the only way to get it.

Not a welcome bonus, but if you win some great CSGO skins on the website, you can post a picture of it on Twitter, tag them and potentially receive up to $15 free site credit.

Skinhub doesn’t organize any particular seasonal events or promotions. Some websites have giveaways happening on their social media, but this website seems to be the exception. Their account seems to be inactive: the last post on Facebook is from 2018, the last tweet is a bit more recent but as old as of May 2023. Therefore we are quite sure you won’t be able to get any bonus or promotion in the near future.

Skinhub main page

Special Features

Same as above: unfortunately, no special features like a live bet option are offered as the only possible thing available is the possibility to buy items and cases. It seems like Skinhub is not interested in adding some features that can make skin betting more exciting, so for now, we have to be happy with what they have.

Something that caught our attention was the “Trending Community Cases” option on their website. We immediately thought it was a cool feature to add to their betting website; however, we soon found out that the section has not been updated in a while. When clicking on it, we read: “These 50 cases are the most popular ones created in the last 24 hours. By the community, for the community”. However, they don’t show those 50 advertised cases: only one is there. If that one is the only shown, then either:

  • There is no community willing to spend time to make the Skinhub betting service better for everyone, which is a bad sign;
  • Skinhub doesn’t bother to update community cases, which is perhaps even worse as it shows complete disinterest from the betting operator towards the work they are doing.

Games Offered

In spite of not having casino types of mini-games available, Skinhub has a few options for skin trading. Apart from the two mentioned above – choosing from a pre-made case or creating one of our own – customers can also trade-up unwanted skins for some of greater value. Other than these options, the betting site doesn’t offer much else.

Location And Age Restrictions

Typically, to check the legal restrictions of a betting site, we carefully go through the Terms and Conditions of such a website. In the Skinhub case, the first thing that we read is that the Terms were last updated in 2016. A bad sign already? Probably yes, as the best and most serious betting sites update their Terms of Service on a regular basis.

Leaving this digression aside, you can read that the registration to their service is permitted to every individual over 13 years of age. Another red flag: usually bookmakers which have to do with betting in any form, therefore including skins and cases, prohibit the use of their services to those not legally of age (18 years old).

Finally, the FAQ section on confirms that the website isn’t very strict about location. We remind you that some countries specifically prohibit gambling, so we suggest you first check your country’s rules before signing up or even depositing money.

Signing Up

Given that the whole Skinhub site is based on the concept of simplicity, a positive note about it is that the Skinhub registration process is fairly simple and quick.

Since we are talking about items for CSGO, a game available on Steam and owned by Valve, to receive and trade skins, you have to link your Steam profile. Simply visit and click on the top right button, “Log In / Sign Up”.

If you choose to log in with Steam, then you’ll be redirected to your Steam profile. If you agree to the few permissions you give after registering, then you can proceed. You’re done!

Skinhub sing in

Deposit Methods

Perhaps this is the best part about the website. On the website, you have several options to deposit your money or skins and range from credit and deposit cards like Visa and Mastercard to PayPal and Paysafecard, including G2A Pay, Skrill, and more. As mentioned, you can also deposit skins so that you can proceed to trade them.

Payment Methods And Withdrawals

Withdrawals are made exclusively through items. When you deposit money on Skinhub, then you can buy the case of your choice with either the items you selected or those sorted out by the betting site itself.

After you choose the case, start spinning. A list of the items you can potentially win is listed below. Try your luck, and you’ll receive the cosmetics you won in your Steam inventory.7

Privacy And Security

Here we come to the most important aspect of this review. Before depositing your money or engaging with CSGO betting sites in any way, be sure to first check in a detailed way if they are safe. As it happens with many cases opening sites, it is hard to immediately see if the website is reliable as often the official gaming license is not shown because not legally required.

In this case, we have several clues that indicate Skinhub is not a secure website, and you should not use their service. First of all, they claim that it’s easy to verify their trustworthiness by looking at their social media like Instagram and Twitter. The problem is, as mentioned above, these social networks have not been updated in a while. The last post on Instagram dates back to 2019. If this is how we should check how reliable the site is, the conclusion seems pretty obvious.

But that is not all. As we will see better in the next paragraph, the customer service is underwhelming and shows no interest at all from the website’s end. These few signs, and many others, confirm our foreboding: Skinhub shouldn’t be trusted when it comes to the CSGO cosmetics trade.

Skinhub cases

Customer Support

By visiting the FAQ section on, users can see a set of questions answered by a guy by the name of Chris, supposedly the site’s owner. This section might be useful to know a bit more about the site since to explore its section; you almost always have to register to get access.

Among these answers, Chris indicated a link customers could visit to get support through a system of tickets. The problem? The link cannot be reached. If you need help, you can contact them via email, but if their support system doesn’t work, it isn’t a good sign.


In our Skinhub review, we objectively analyzed every major aspect regarding this CSGO betting site. We can now conclude that, in all honesty, betting on this website isn’t particularly worth it. The service this operator provides is nothing out of the ordinary; actually, in several aspects, they left us highly suspicious of the legitimacy of the service they provide.

Their idea is good: opening cases at a fair price containing a wide range of skins. However, the state of their website is not great: negative reviews, customer support absent, no interaction on social media whatsoever, and no special Skinhub code, promotions, or coins system. If you want to get into CSGO case openings and skin betting, we suggest you try some other websites that offer what Skinhub does and more.

Skinhub trending community cases


Is Skinhub Legit?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee Skinhub’s legal safety. The website seems abandoned, and reviews are pretty low. The only way they show they are legit is by mentioning their social media, but those have not been updated in ages.

Is There A Skinhub App?

No, there is no such thing. However, you can visit their website on your mobile by using your device’s browser.

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